Gift Ideas for Culinary Student Graduates and New Chefs

Heirloom Tomatoes
Heirloom Tomatoes

Here are some good gift ideas for culinary school students, both new ones and graduating ones. Also, these would make great gifts for new chefs and anyone else who loves to cook! Funny chef gifts, unique food related gifts, culinary school graduating gifts, and more. Don’t miss that funny t-shirt or gag gift, either! I hope you will get just the right gift idea from this page!

Unique Gag Gift – Could be for serious chefs, too!  This is a great gift for that new chef who has just about everything. You can bet he probably doesn’t have this book. It doesn’t matter if he is the type of chef to cook up some bugs or not, because this could go over as a gag gift quite well. The reviews indicate that some people bought this book to be funny, and others really wanted to try these insect recipes. Daring or not, this makes a really cool gift for a culinary student or chef.

CHEF ONLY Parking Sign!  Put this up on their driveway, at their place of work, or in their garage for a funny and memorable day! I especially like that “violators will be sauteed!”

Personalized Gift for Culinary School Graduates or Chefs-to-Be – This chef’s hat can be personalized with their name! It looks really neat and would be a great gift for anyone who loves to cook!

Give them some comfort with this kitchen mat…  Standing on hard floors can make your feet hurt!  This is a great idea for anyone who spends a long time standing in the kitchen. I have an anti fatigue mat, but it’s not nearly as pretty as this one. It does make my feet hurt less, though.

These make cutting up fresh herbs a breeze! Save time and eliminate frustration with these unique kitchen scissors.

A Magazine Subscription Makes a Great Gift – This is one of the best!  This beautiful magazine is ideal for culinary students and food lovers. Well written articles about food. Ideal for the intelligent chef. Probably not a magazine that new chefs would think of buying for themselves, but that’s what makes a gift special.

This mandolin can be used for a wide variety of prep tasks – like cutting potatoes into cubes, Julianne strips, shredding cheese, cutting scalloped slices, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and practically anything. It speeds up the work and makes uniform slices which can be displayed very attractively.

Perfect for the Wine Enthusiast!   This turns an ordinary bottle of wine into a chef decorating piece. Great gift idea for wine lovers, or anyone who would appreciate a unique chef themed decoration for their kitchen or table. Buy them a special wine to go along with this gift!

Chef Statue with Chalkboard – You can present this new, or you could write a special quote or saying on it!  Great idea for a restaurant or at home. Just large enough to write the daily special, to write a thank you message, or to jot down a reminder or two. This chalkboard is removable to make writing on it easy.

 Chef Wall Clock – A Special Gift for a Special Someone! – Great well decoration for home or work.  It’s nice to buy a gift that isn’t expected, and I bet this fits the bill!

Chef Themed Cufflinks –  They are a great fashion accessory.

Fat Chef Cookie Jar – This cute cookie jar is well-made and has positive reviews!  Great for storing cookies, rice, noodles, dry beans, or anything else you can think of. I’m sure a chef would put it to good use in their home or restaurant!

A New Chef Coat for a New Leaf in Life! – Presentation is important!  A chef coat can easily get stained up, and a new one will likely be appreciated. Whether they are a new culinary student or chef, or an old-timer, this will find its use.