Gifts for Biologists & Biology Teachers – My Favorite Ideas!

Are you looking for a great gift idea for a Biologist, Biology Teacher, or a Biology Student?  I’ve searched the web for interesting and funny gift ideas that are related to biology, including the fields of marine biology, human biology, organic chemistry, botany, microbiology, zoology, and more.

Caffeine Chemical Formula Coffee Mug – Great Gift Idea for the Coffee Lover!  I think this would look great on a biology teacher’s desk! It would be a great conversation starter too.

We all know not to drink in the lab, right? This might make their coworkers flinch… This would also work well for an April Fools joke.

DNA Shaped Hanging Earrings – Elegant Gift Idea for Her.

The structure of DNA is beautiful and these will look dazzling on her! Check out the many positive reviews… It’s a very fitting gift for anyone in the sciences.

Unusual Gift Idea: Giant Microbe Plush Toy!

This stuffed animal is based on the MRSA virus.  If MRSA isn’t your thing, you can choose from a large selection of these microbes… They have an E. Coli one, a Common Cold Bug, Flesh Eating Bacteria, and more… Some people buy these as gag gifts for scientists, teachers, nurses, students, etc. Other people buy them as educational gifts for classroom props or for their kids… I like them.

More Soft Microbes   An artistic representation of what chickenpox virus would look like if it were big and had eyes!

This is E. Coli bacteria. These stuffed “microbes” are cute and could be good classroom decorations or even teaching aids.

 Have a hurt tummy? This might be the culprit.

A Very Interesting Item for a Biology Teacher’s Desk – A Microsystem with Live Shrimp…. Inside Hand Blown Glass!  This is one of those rare pets that require no maintenance! The shrimp are supposed to live for 2 to 3 years inside this closed ecosystem.

DNA – Men’s Silk Tie – Great Science Themed Gift For Him

DNA is crucial to life – it carries the code that makes up each living thing.

Miniature Microscope on a Necklace – Great Jewelry Gift Idea! Perfect for the microbiologist or lab tech. I always liked looking at slides in biology class.

Mr. DNA T-Shirt  – This shirt shows the building blocks of DNA.

Brain Themed Coffee Mug – For the Brainy Biologist or Neurobiologist!  I love giving coffee mugs as gifts because I know many people who treasure them! To make this gift extra special, put something inside of the mug – maybe candy, tea bags, coffee samples, money, gift cards, or jewelry.

Audubon Singing Bird Clock – 12 Different Bird Songs – one for each hour!  Great gift idea for a nature lover. It’s a great way to enjoy unique bird songs at every hour. There is a light sensor so that the birds stay quiet when it’s dark.

Homemade Cookies are a Yummy Gift Idea!  Make them shaped like atoms, beakers, flasks, and test tubes!  You can follow a traditional cookie recipe or use an off-the-shelf cookie mix. Sprinkles and frosting can turn these odd shaped cookies into something pretty neat. Put some sprinkles in the bottom of the flask for the precipitate… The ideas are endless.

A USB Mouse with a REAL Spider in it!   I bet that they won’t already own this! Who would have thought of putting a real spider specimen in a mouse?