Gifts for Card Players

Here’s my favorite funny gifts for card players, including card playing accessories, playing cards themed jewelry, and more!  Whether you are buying for a kid or an adult, or for someone who just plays card casually, or a serious card player, or a gambler, I hope you’ll find a great gift idea here! Gifts for people who love playing poker, bridge, and many other card games! I used to play Double Solitaire and Gin Rummy with my Grandma, and it was so much fun! Recently I’ve learned to play blackjack and poker. Playing cards is good old fashioned fun!

Wooden Oak Curved Card Holders – High Quality Workmanship, A very nice gift idea!  Sometimes it’s hard to hold your cards, and that’s when a card holder like this one becomes useful! This is ideal for both kids and adults, the young and the old… This is a pretty good price for quality oak card holders! I like the curved design.

Playing Cards Tie – Great Gift Idea for Him – Novelty Tie.  Men who wear ties can never have too many of them! And this one is not “just another playing cards themed gift” but rather it really is the King of Hearts, upside down! Looks bold and is sure to start conversations. By the way, on this product page and some others, people have gotten these gifts for Magicians… so if you know any magicians, this is a good idea for those people too!

Queen of Hearts Playing Card Pendant – Jewelry Gift For Her.  This pendant is absolutely beautiful! It would look really nice on a silver chain.

Automate Your Card Game with this Card Shuffler – Will Shuffle up to 6 Decks of Cards! Sometimes shuffling cards is a challenge, especially if you have multiple decks. This automatic card shuffler is fun and easy to use!

Great Gift Idea for a Poker Player – Learn from an FBI Agent how to tell if someone’s lying!  This is an interesting book on human behavior that a Poker player might find especially helpful!

Beautiful Money Clip for Card Players – Gold Plated Money Clip – Made in the USA!  A truly elegant gift idea! I’ve noticed that money clips are becoming more popular as people start using wallet style cell phone cases to hold their credit cards.

Tie Clip Jewelry Gift Idea for Him – Gold Plated – Made in the USA!  Beauty is in the details! This tie clip features a hand of cards.

Ace of Spades Playing Cards Cufflinks – These have great reviews that say things like “Awesome,” “Fun,” and “You need these.” If you buy these, you’ll have really aced gift giving this year! Who doesn’t want an Ace on their sleeve? 🙂

Playing Cards Boxer Shorts for Men – Lots of Hearts on these! Also some Joker cards!  This is a unique gift, ideal for a boyfriend, husband, etc.

Playing Cards & Wood Case Presentation Set – Nice Wooden Box to Hold your Cards!

Gift for the Dog Owner, Card Player! – Cute Cards with Adorable Dog Pictures!  Who doesn’t love dogs? Surely, most people can’t help but smile at them!