Gifts for Economists, Economy Majors & Economy Teachers

Gifts for Economists, Economy Majors, and Economy Professors

Here are my favorite gift ideas for economists. Whether you are looking for a graduation gift, retirement gift, birthday gift, or Christmas gift, I hope that this page helps you find the perfect present. Here are money themed gifts and gifts having to do with the economy. I’ve found a few cool t-shirts, funny gifts, coffee mugs, books, financial tools, and the like. Good luck!

Talk about Nerdy Cool! Adam Smith is considered the father of modern economics. Quotes from him are often used to espouse the free market. Have you heard of the “invisible hand?” That idea is his.

Dollar Sign Cufflinks – Accessory Gift Idea for the Professional.  Great gift idea for someone graduating from college! These would make the perfect suit accessory for the Economics student or graduate.

Stunning Monopoly Money Tie – Unique Gift Idea for Him.  I know it’s fake money, but I sure love the colorful design. This men’s neck tie is sure to be a conversation starter!

Beer & Bull Wall Street Glass Mugs – Tall Glasses for Holding a lot of Beer!

Bear and Bull Bookends – Stock Market Themed Gift Idea.   Economists are sure to have a lot of books…. Here’s the perfect decor item for their bookshelf!

Bull & Bear Fighting Statue

Get them a book they probably haven’t read – Here are some Economist memoirs


Money is Always Wanted – But Why Not Make it Hard to Get?  There’s money in that cube….. you figure out how to get to it!