Gifts for Farmers – My Favorite Ideas!

Farmer Grooming his Cow
Farmer Grooming his Cow, New York State Fair, Syracuse, NY (2014)

I have fond memories of visiting my aunt and uncle’s small farm in upstate New York.   They had cows and fruit trees.   Their neighbors had dairy cows and I watched as they brought them in for milking every day.  It was fun to pet the cows and ride on the tractor.  I still have a soft spot in my heart for farm country.  It’s beautiful!  I would enjoy a bike ride through farm country any day!

Alas, the focus of this article is on gifts for farmers… and also farm themed gifts for us non-farmers too!  Since there are all kinds of farms, from orchards to plantations, and all kinds of animals and vegetables to farm, you’ll have to bare with me if some of these ideas are a bit too generic.  My goal is to give you some ideas about things you may not have thought of.  Then you can look at similar items and brainstorm a bit.

Red Barn with Silo Bird Feeder – Watching birds is a lot of fun!  This sure would look great on a farm. It’s not everyday that you find a red barn shaped bird feeder! Plus this looks like it holds a lot of seeds and could handle several birds at once.  This would be a good gift idea for anyone who loves nature.  Bird feeders do wear out or get icky over time, so a new bird feeder would probably be a welcomed gift for any birder.  Not all farmers are birders, but being one myself, this really attracted my attention.  It currently has over 90 reviews and most people like it.

“Still Plays with Tractors” T-Shirt ~ Funny Gift Idea
This shirt is great for anyone who loves to ride their tractor, farm owner or not! It comes in a wide variety of sizes… As I write this, they have sizes Small to 6XL in stock in green, red, black, blue, and more colors.  That’s great for big and tall people!   My husband is one of those big and tall people, and it’s sure nice when they extra large sizes available.

GREAT Farm Memoir – Readers Rate this 5 Stars!
This has over 300 reviews, and a great 4.5 star average rating! Books often make great presents, and this one is sure to interest anyone who enjoys farm life. Good idea for people dreaming of buying a farm too.

Practical Gift Idea: Boot and Glove Dryer – Having grown up in the countryside, and spent many days out in cold, wet weather, I would have loved one of these! The protocol was to put gloves and boots on the vent and wait all day for them to dry…. If only I had known of this invention! Great gift idea for the farmer, family, and their guests! This way they’ll all have their mittens and shoes dry when it’s time to go outside again!   Kids will love this too… it’ll get much use on a snow day!

Owl Bookends ~ Every Farm has a Barn Owl! – Cute… These are a Hoot!  These would look so cute on the bookshelf! Great decoration idea for the farm house.  Owls have been very popular lately. I think it’s a Harry Potter thing.

Barn House Wind Chime – Great Gift for the Farm

Fresh Home Grown Mushrooms – A Yummy Project for the Farmer.  This doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it looks like a great gift idea for a person who enjoys growing their own food!

FUNNY GIFT IDEA: Farmer Parking Only Signs

Great Gag Gift – What a Surprise! Put this up in their driveway, garage, or anywhere people are likely to park… and watch their expression when they see it! Buy a general “Farmer Parking” sign, or get more specific… There’s quite a selection of signs: Wheat farmer, chicken farmer, and goat farmer!

Cow Jewelry – For the Farmer that owns a Cow or two…. Love Cows? I think these cufflinks, earrings, and necklace charms are so cute!

Cute Moo-tastic Earring for Her! Moo Moo Cow Earrings She can show off her love of cows with these cute hanging earrings!

Tools for Storing Food over the Winter – Useful Gift Ideas

One of the benefits of having a farm is having lots of fresh food! However, saving the food for all winter long can be a chore… But these new kitchen appliances can really make the job of preserving food a whole lot easier – whether the method is canning, dehydrating, or vacuum sealing!

Drying food is a great way to preserve food. You can make your own dried fruits and vegetables with this, as well as homemade jerky. It even comes with some jerky spice packets.

This bestselling pressure cooker has rave reviews from many happy customers. This “super canner” provides a safe way to can food.

A really useful appliance for keeping food fresh. No more wasted food because of freezer burn!

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