Gifts for Flute Players – My Favorite Ideas!

I like to give special and memorable gifts, as I’m sure you do too! Here are my favorite ideas for flute related gifts, including flute accessories, flute shirts, flute music, flute jewelry, flute Christmas ornaments, and more. So, I hope you find the perfect gift for the Flutist (or Flautist) in your life! I’m sure you’ll find something for flute students and flute teachers as well.

Great Jewelry Gift Idea – Gold Flute Necklace!  This looks beautiful! It’d make a great gift for a child or an adult. Click on the picture to see a close-up.

Flute Earrings – A Unique Gift for the Flute Musician.  These hanging earrings are miniature replicas of flutes. These are some earrings that you just won’t find at your local department store!

Christmas Ornament Gift Idea – Great Stocking Stuffer Idea!  This 4 inch decorative flute is designed to hang on a Christmas tree. I think it will look nice. Christmas lights might reflect on its shiny surface. It’s highly detailed. Even if you’re not buying for Christmas now, stocking up on holiday gifts early is a great way to save money and make for a calmer holiday shopping season!

Jazz Flute Music CD – Music is always a great gift idea!  I have this music on an old record, and have enjoyed it. It’s lively jazz and so beautiful. I highly recommend it for any flute player. I know that new music always tops my wish list! If you aren’t sure what music they already have, you could always buy them an Amazon gift card.

A Helpful Gadget for Tuning your Flute – This is a highly recommended electronic tuner & metronome.  This looks like a helpful accessory. It can be used with a flute, as well as many other instruments. The description and reviews say way more about it than I can, so click on the image to read the reviews.

Sterling Silver Charm – Great Gift for any Flute Fan!   This would look great on a necklace! This miniature flute is highly detailed. You can see all of the keys. It is made from rhodium-plated Sterling Silver and it has been hand polished. It’s 3-Dimensional, just like a real flute instrument. This would make a great gift for any man, woman, or child. You might want to buy them a chain or cord to go with it.

Beautiful Coffee Mug Gift – Great Gift Idea for Flute Players who love Coffee or Tea.  I’ve given special coffee mugs as gifts several times and they have always been appreciated. I always start my day off with a cup of tea, and there’s something about having a special mug that I really enjoy. This one looks pretty and would probably be enjoyed!  You can always fill it up with chocolate, candy, a gift card, cash or other treats!

Flute Carrying Bag – Great for those who play Piccolo too!  This is a practical gift idea for the Flautist.  This bag isn’t meant to replace a hard case, but rather it’s designed to hold your flute case plus your piccolo and flute accessories. It’s quite roomy and can fit a lot. It has a shoulder strap, too! It looks like a handy thing to have for travel, carrying to rehearsals, band practice, etc. I’d recommend this bag for anyone who doesn’t have a suitable travel bag, or anyone who would appreciate a new one. Bags and cases that are used a lot have a tendency to get worn, so I’m sure that there’s many flute players who would love this nice new bag.

Flute Stand – A Must Have Accessory.   Relax, you can put your flute down! This stand is impressive because it folds up into pocket size! Yes, that might be hard to believe, but it really does get small. This is great to have around. You can use it at rehearsal, band practice, in the studio, or at home. It’s for those times when you need to put your flute down and do something else, but you aren’t ready to pack it up. This will keep your Flute safe and ready for use.

Disney Sheet Music for Flute – Great Gift Idea for Disney Fans!  This song book is loved by teachers and students alike. I’d recommend it as a gift for a flute player who would enjoy something different to try. It’s not a book for first year players, but a reviewer who has been playing flute for 3 years very much enjoyed this.

Native American Flute Music CD – A CD with interesting, peaceful music.  There’s a lot of variety when it comes to flute music. This one might be enjoyable for someone who likes Native American flute. The reviewers say that it’s relaxing music.

Unique Cofee Mug – This is clever, although the flute is quite twisted….. I know a straight handle wouldn’t work so well, so that’s why this flute is curved. I can’t decide if I like it or not, but since it stands out as being unique, I thought I’d let you decide whether this is a good gift or not.

Flute Keychain – Great Gift Idea for Teens and Adults.  This is described as being an exact replica, down to the smallest detail.

Disney Gift Idea: Minnie Plays the Flute – A Disney Christmas Musical Themed Ornament!  Some people collect ornaments or figurines, and this is an older Hallmark ornament that’s harder to find now. It’s part of the “Mickey’s Holiday Parade” series.

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