Gifts for Freelance Writers – My Recommendations

I know a bit about freelance writing, so I thought I could put together a helpful list of gift ideas for freelance writers. These ideas could be for Christmas, a birthday, or any other special occasion. Freelance writers often work from home, spend long hours on the computer, and they may enjoy writing a journal, reading, etc. With that in mind, I’ve found some unique gift ideas, both practical and whimsical. Happy shopping!

Mother of Pearl Letter Opener – Decorative Metal Envelope Opener

Of all of the gift suggestions on this page, this is my favorite because:

1) It’s beautiful, and there are several designs you can choose from

2) A freelance writer will sure find this useful for opening business related mail

3) It’s unique, so they probably won’t already have it

4) It’s affordable – under $20 – but looks more expensive

Magnetic Poetry for the Writer – Great Bit of Entertainment – Helps with Writer’s Block

Here’s a great gift for someone that loves to play with words. You get 300 magnetic words in this cute bottle, and it may just help with some inspiration! This is a fun thing to play with on the refrigerator door.

One of the Best Books on the Writer’s Life – Anne Lamott’s books are always inspiring and full of wisdom. She makes me laugh and helps me through tough spots… This is one of my all time favorite books on writing. This is light reading… And a fun gift idea.

2015 Writer’s Market – This book tells you who might buy your writing. It’s updated yearly and includes everything you might want to know: what types of writing they buy, how much they pay, how to submit your writing, etc.

Best Magazine for Freelance Writers – This magazine has everything from inspiration to business tips.  This magazine is great because it has up-to-date information on current markets, trends, business tips, etc. It covers a broad range of topics and is the right fit whether you are a nonfiction writer, technical writer, fiction author, travel writer, etc. A magazine subscription is always a nice gift, and if they are already a subscriber, than your gift will extend their subscription.

Weekly Planner – Ideal Gift for the Writer

Great Tool for Keeping Track of Tasks, Appointments, etc.  I always find that a physical planner works best for keeping track of my schedule. Moleskin makes high quality ones. I’ve found that working for myself requires great discipline and organization, and a planner helps me with this task.

The Gift of Delicious Coffee – A Taste Treat! It seems that most work-from-home writers put coffee on first thing in the morning. It’s part of their daily ritual… If this is true for the person you’re buying for, how about giving them some new types of cotfee to try? This is a variety set of coffees from around the world. The reviews are all positive, and I’m sure this would be a nice treat!

Beautiful Leather Journal – High Quality Blank Notebook

Makes a Great Gift!  This is something that they might not buy for themselves, and yet it will likely be treasured. Even in the age of computers, there is something special about the handwritten word…. I find writing by hand to be a good way to get the writing juices flowing. I’ve received notebooks several times as gifts, and the beautiful covers with the blank pages always inspire me to write something.

Cute Magnetic Bookmarks – Great Gift Idea for the Writer who Reads

One of the most repeated pieces of advice is that to be a good writer you have to read. Most likely, freelance writers will enjoy gifts having to do with reading… These cute bookmarks come to mind!

Super Cool Desk Accessory for the Writer – I like this, but not everyone does…. A call from an agent or editor could be a very good thing. Now they can keep their phone ready on their desk. I think this looks unique and modern, although some reviewers find it creepy. What do you think?

USB Flash Drive – Today’s “Floppy Disk” – Computer Accessories are a Good Idea!

Most writers use computers now days… Typewriters are vintage and cool, but not very practical. The floppy disk is dead. Now everyone uses USB drives. This one has positive reviews and easily fits on a key chain. This is a computer accessory that will be compatible with just about every computer they might use. It’s great for backing up writing, or transferring it to another computer.

Desk Organizer – Lots of Positive Reviews – Practical Idea for the Freelance Writer

This is actually on my wish list. I would love to have an easy way to sort my paperwork. Getting organized is going to be my New Year’s Resolution. If you think that the person you’re buying for would appreciate some things that would help them stay organized, then this gift idea is my top suggestion.

Typewriter Key Bracelet – Handmade Unique Gift Idea

I love typewriter key jewelry! This jewelry is made from real typewriter keys. Usually these keys are the glass covered ones from the early 1900s. Some of the artwork is quite fabulous. I think typewriter key jewelry is a great gift idea for a writer, author, or reader!

More Gift Ideas for Writers