Gifts for French Teachers – My Favorite Ideas!

French Teacher Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a unique gift idea for a French teacher? Foreign language teachers might like gifts having to do with their country’s culture or cuisine. I know that my teacher always wore shirts from her country, talked about places she’s been, and decorated her classroom with all things French. I’ve tried to include a variety of gift ideas on this page. These gifts may be appropriate gifts for Graduation, end-of-the-year, Christmas, birthday, etc. My ideas include jewelry, t-shirts, books, Paris souvenirs etc. Hopefully you’ll find that one-of-a-kind thing that she or he will love!

Herbs from Provence, France – This decorative mini crockpot spice container makes a nice gift!   This is imported from France.  Give the gift of the taste of France! These can be used for cooking a variety of French foods, and this little crock makes a nice kitchen decoration.

Cute Owl Shirt for the French Teacher

Owls are popular now, and who can blame them? They’re just so darn cute! This shirt is available in plain colors like gray or white, as well as stand-out blue, pink, and green! Choose from sizes small to 3XL.

Flag of France Cufflinks – Nice Gift Idea for Him or Her

Eiffel Tower Earrings – Jewelry Gift Idea for Her

Wearable architecture. Is that cool, or what?

France Magazine Subscription – Give a Gift that Lasts All Year Long

I came across this gift idea when reading a gift recommendation from a French teacher. This must be an amazing magazine as it has rave reviews.

Cookbook of Authentic French Recipes – This has over 90 reviews, and over a 4.5 star rating!  French teachers often enjoy French cuisine as well. They may even cook something to share with the class. There are many French cookbooks to choose from. This one I’ve chosen because of the authentic recipes and positive reviews.

Travel to France with Rudy Maxa – Travel Documentary DVD Gift Idea

I think Rudy Maxa does a good job of presenting important places and activities for each country he visits. His travel DVDs would be ideal for classroom presentation. I’ve watched many of his videos and the footage is always so beautiful and it makes me feel like I’ve been there.

Paris City Glass Christmas Tree Ornament – Unique Gift Idea for Christmas

Eiffel Tower Men’s Neck Tie

French Music CD Gift Idea

Here’s a CD that has traditional French music 🙂 It has positive reviews. Whether they will be listening to it at home, in the car, or playing it for the class, this looks like an enjoyable selection.

A Beautiful Wall Calendar for their Classroom

This has more photos than most wall calendars because in addition to one large photo for each month, each day has a small photo too! Each month’s photos feature a different region or city of France. For example, January is Champagne, February is Paris, and March is Haute Savoie.

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