Gifts for Frequent Cruisers – My Favorite Ideas!

Norwegian Pearl Cruise Ship, in front of the Seattle Space Needle, as seen from the Bremerton to Seattle Ferry
Norwegian Pearl Cruise Ship, in front of the Seattle Space Needle, as seen from the Bremerton to Seattle Ferry

Gift Ideas for Frequent Cruisers

Here are my favorite gift ideas for people who love to go on cruises. Boarding a cruise ship can be thrilling, and if you know someone who just loves it, then perhaps one of these gifts will be the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for them! I consulted some frequent cruisers to find out what presents they would recommend – and this is the result of their advice and my crazy brainstorming. Enjoy!

Funny T-Shirt for the Cruise Addict  – It says: “I have no cruise control. It’s like the cruises book themselves.”

Sneak that Alcohol on Board of a Cruise Ship – Read the reviews of this for more details…  Although these smuggler bags can be used for all kinds of events where bring your own alcohol isn’t usually allowed, the reviews are mainly about using these bags to get wine and liquor on board cruise ships! These bags don’t leak, and apparently aren’t easily detected. This way crusiers can save a lot of money!

Binoculars for Enjoying the Sights – These are great for looking at land, and at the night sky!  This may be a very useful gift idea.  At sea, you may be able to spot whales and other animals with these, and maybe even use these to look at the moon at night!   Just be careful, you’ll see how pockmarked the moon is which might lead to lots of existential concerns.

What a Fun Shirt to Wear on the Cruise!

Ginger Candy – Yummy and Effective!  Motion sickness pills and sea bands are a popular must-have for cruisers, but ginger candy is even better. It tastes great and ginger is proven to help with dizziness and motion sickness. Plus this natural remedy won’t make you sleepy! You could create a care package for them, and include these candies in it.

Waterproof Camera for pool pictures, scuba diving photos, and wherever there’s lots of water!  This high quality waterproof camera is a photographer’s dream! It’s perfect for underwater pictures, as well as pictures in the rain, in the pool, and anytime when water might be present.

Unqiue Beach Towel – Kind of Funny!  If you buy them this $100 beach towel, they might be the only one on the cruise ship to have such a fun towel! This will sure draw attention and compliments!  And it’s a lot cheaper than giving them a $100 bill.

Cruise Ship Cuff Links – These have style!

Cruise Ship Pendant for a Necklace – Great Jewelry Gift Idea for Her

Walkie Talkies for Communicating on the Cruise Ship – Cell phone use might be expensive – walkie talkies are way better!  This is a useful gift idea for a husband and wife who go cruising together. This way they can stay in touch for free. These could also be used to communicate with children, or other family or friends.

Helpful Cruise Carry-on: Travel Clock with Thermometer – This answers the question, “Is it hot in here, or is it just me?”  A travel alarm clock is nice to have.. More convenient than using a cell phone. And this is nice and compact, and runs on batteries, so it’s easier to bring along than a regular alarm clock. However, the feature I really like is that it displays the room temperature. This way you can tell if it really is too hot or too cold, or whether you are just having a hot flash, or chills.

Lighten their Load with the Kindle eReader – If they love to read, they’ll love this! This one weighs only 6 ounces and can hold up to 1400 books! Not only will this save them the added weight of carrying old-fashioned printed books, but it will also save them money! There is no monthly contract, and buying new Kindle books is usually cheaper than buying them in paperbook form!

Books about Cruise Ships and Cruising – Funny Books and Guide Books

If you know where they’re going on their next cruise, then a book about the ports of call would be an ideal gift.

Are you surprised that there’s a board game for cruise lovers and travelers?  I haven’t played it, but it looks like a trivia game.


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