Gifts for Gun Lovers, Gun Enthusiasts, & Gun Collectors

What to buy a gun owner? Well, ammo comes to mind… and maybe accessories for their rifles and pistols. But, I’m going to take a different angle here. Maybe you know a gun enthusiast, but don’t know him well enough to know what parts he needs, or what he has already.. But you still want to buy him something special…. Well, here are some gift ideas that gun lovers will likely enjoy. These range from 2nd Amendment Rights merchandise to funny gun related stuff to a few accessories just about any gun collector would appreciate. I hope you find this page a good starting point for your Christmas shopping, birthday shopping, or any other occasion.

Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen – Really Cool under $20 Gift Idea

A real pen, that actually writes, but is made of aircraft aluminum so it’s strong enough to be used for self-defense. Some reviewers say that they are able to bring it past security checkpoints. This has many positive reviews, which prompted me to buy this as a Christmas gift for a gun enthusiast friend. He was quite impressed with it.

Milk Chocolate Gun and Clip – Yummy Treat! Chocolate Gun – Full Size Solid. ¬†A tasty gift for a chocoholic gun lover ūüôā

Gun Coffee Mug – A Funny Novelty Thing. ¬†Some people will get a real kick out of this, and I’m sure you know who those people are.

Salt & Pepper Shaker Set that Looks like Ammo РBullet Shaped Kitchen Accessory.  Unique gift idea!

Spyderco Tenacious – Amazing Knife for the Price. ¬†This knife appears to have a cult following… The reviews rave about how great a deal this knife is. Many of the reviewers state that it’s a great knife for every day carry because its lightweight, yet bigger than a pocket knife, so it’s possible to use for self-defense or emergencies.

Streamlight Tactical Flashlight – The same brand flashlight that police and firemen use! ¬†This light is not just an ordinary pocket flashlight. It’s an ultra bright LED flashlight with 3 settings: High, Low, and Strobe. It’s designed to hold up in rough conditions. It’s waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes and has impact resistant tempered glass.

Handgun Ice Cube Tray – This is a ton of fun for parties! ¬† What’s that in your drink? ¬†It’s a pistol!

Pro Electronic Shooting Earmuffs РA Nice Luxury Accessory for the Indoor Shooting Range.  These earmuffs block loud noises, while amplifying conversations and low level sounds. They have an input connection for your MP3 player, smartphone, or scanner radio.

Coffee Table Book Showcasing Gun History РLots of Photography to Look at!  This is book that people will love to look at and discuss.

Guns & Ammo Magazine Subscription РGive a gift that lasts all year long!  Gun enthusiasts will find this an entertaining and interesting read. Amazon makes it easy to gift a magazine subscription, and even has a gift notification card you can print out.

Pistol Wine Holder – Unique Wine Caddy. ¬†This is a great gift for the gun collector who enjoys wine. It’s a decorative item that would look right displayed in a country house, hunting cabin, mancave, dining room, etc

Dangling Gun Earrings РJewelry Gift Idea for Her.  Know a lady who loves guns?