Gifts for Harmonica Players – My Favorite Ideas!

Hi! Welcome to my gift guide. Here are some cool gift ideas for harmonica players. The Harmonica is a favorite instrument to play for all kinds of music: blues, folk, jazz, country, and rock & roll. The harmonica is sometimes called the Harp, French harp, Blues harp, or mouth organ. If you are looking for a gift for the Harmonica musician, or for someone who’s just beginning to play Harmonica, then you’re at the right place. I hope you find a great idea here! Enjoy ­čÖé

The T-Shirt He’ll Love Wearing – ┬áIt says, “i’s ’bout to make yer toes start a tappin.'” What a fun shirt to wear any time!

Harmonica that features Bob Dylan’s signature! – The Ultimate Collector’s Item

Product Features

– Produces uncharacteristically warm tones while also achieving brightness

– Features custom cover-plates bearing Dylan’s signature and a carrying case embossed with Dylan’s “Eye” logo

– Gold-plated reed plate helps achieve specific sonic requirements

– Included an outer gift box featuring an exclusive picture of Dylan on the inside cover

– Bob Dylan Signature Harmonica in the key of C

Legendary Shure Harmonica Bullet Microphone – A Gift that will be Treasured. ┬áThis classic harmonica mic is easy to hold while playing the harmonica, and just as important, its design is perfect for the sound of the harmonica. There are a couple of reviewers who gave this as a gift and highly recommend it for any harmonica player. If you’re looking for the perfect harmonica accessory that they’ll love, this is my top recommendation!

Blue Song Book for the Harmonica – A song book with the harp parts tabbed out in the appropriate places. ┬áThis book has many positive reviews and looks like a winner!

CD of Harmonica Music from a Famous Musician – The Best of Little Walter

Hohner Hoodoo Box 5W Harmonica Tube Amp – Tube sound is sweet! ┬áThere is something about tube sound… It sounds warmer than regular old transistor amps. Harmonica will sound great through this amp!

Learn how to play the harmonica chromatically like Howard Levy! – Great DVD for Learning the Harmonica. ┬áThis DVD has advanced techniques that any beginner or intermediate harmonica player can learn with enough practice! There’s a reason that this is a top selling how-to video… Read the reviews to find out why this will make a great gift!

Book & CD Set for Learning Blues & Rock Harmonica – Best Gift for Beginners! ┬áThe author of this book is not only a great harmonica player, but also a great teacher!