Gifts for History Teachers and History Buffs

So what is the best gift idea for a history lover?

Ideally you want to buy them something that they will truly appreciate, but not something that they already own, or something too cliche or cheap looking. On this page, I’ve tried to find gift ideas that would appeal to a wide range of history loving folks. Some of my ideas have an American history theme, while others are related to ancient or world history. I’ve tried to find unique things that they probably don’t own, but that they would love to have! I’m not psychic, but I’ve been told that I am good at getting inside the minds of others… So here, give me a try, and consider these ideas. You never know what you might find!

Set of Coffee Mugs for the Academic – History Timeline Mugs  I think the designs on these coffee mugs look great! Coffee mugs make a nice gift for anyone who enjoys a hot beverage.

Spinning Globe Cufflinks – A Touch of Elegance! Here’s a unique jewelry gift idea for him or her. Studying history is all about exploring the past world affairs! Great idea for the world history professor.

Signatures of the Declaration of Independence Tie – Gift for the American History Teacher.  This handsome tie features ALL of the signatures on the Declaration of Independence! What a patriotic gift this would be!

Globe Pendant Necklace – Jewelry Gift Idea for Her.  This necklace comes with a spinning globe and binoculars.

Antique Globe Book Ends – For the World History Lover.  Great gift idea for those studying ancient history, world history, or geography. These bookends are quite affordable, but they aren’t cheap looking. Reviewers comment that they look nice and that they are of sufficient weight to hold up heavy books. They have a wood base with a cherry finish. They would be the perfect decor accessory for the home or work office. History teachers and history geeks usually have a ton of books, so this sure would be a thoughtful gift.

Perhaps the Best History Magazine Ever! – A Gift that Lasts All Year Long.  Amazon makes buying gift subscriptions easy! They have a notification card you can print out.

A Bit of the Old West ~ Badge Collection – Includes Explanation and Photos of Pat Garrett and Wyatt Earp.  For the old west history enthusiast! These badges are pinned to a hardwood presentation box, so they are ready to be presented as a gift.

Replica Antique Candlestick Phone – Take them back to the early 1900s with this working replica!!   Personally, this is my favorite gift idea for a historian. I just think that it’s a great replica of a vintage phone, and that I know many history professors would love to have this in their office! It has all the modern technology in it, but it looks and feels like the old “Upright” Candlestick model. It might bring them down memory lane (depending on their age), and it’s sure to be a learning piece…. It will intrigue younger people and help get them interested in the history of technology.

History Teacher Parking Sign – Put this sign up at your history teacher’s parking space, for a really memorable gift idea! This is really a novelty parking sign, as it says, “History Teacher Parking Only, Violators Will Fail the Exam.” Great gag gift idea!

Roman Empire – Ancient Ruins Bookends – Colosseum Replica.   Another great choice for the history lover! These bookends have lots of detail. Depending on the historian’s specialty, these may be the perfect gift idea! They are part of the Historical Wonders Collection.

For the American Old West Expert – Replica of Billy The Kid’s Gun.  This replica gun is on a nice plaque. It would make for an excellent gift presentation.

Lewis & Clark Collectibles – Something to Remember the Great American Exploration.  The Lewis and Clark Expedition is an important event in American History. Lewis and Clark discovered the frontier’s geography, studied new species, and brought back a wealth of information about the Louisiana Territory and further West. Here are a few gift ideas for historians interested in American history.

Bestselling History DVDs – Documentaries for the History Buff.

Get them a history movie produced by the History Channel, National Geographic, or PBS. Here are some popular DVDs and Blu-Rays about slavery, aboriginals, the civil rights era, the Titanic, and the Rome civilization. There so many good DVDs to choose from… Get them something related to their specialty or maybe a new release.

Ebay is a Goldmine for History Fans

If you can find something related to their specialty on Ebay, something that they don’t have or wouldn’t have thought of, it could make for one pretty amazing gift. Shopping for a rare collectible on Ebay poses a few challenges:

1) Time. You have to start early as it can take a week for an item to end, and items change all of the time. You might not find what you are looking for right away, so you may want to save your search and have Ebay email you when it becomes available.

2) Specialty. You have to know a bit about what they already own so that you don’t duplicate something already in their collection.

Vintage Election Political Campaign Buttons – Snag a real collectible on Ebay! Maybe you could think back to who was running for president when they were in college, and see if you can find some campaign buttons or other memorabilia from then. Many people have nostalgia from their college years and it is a time when they may have gotten really interested in politics.

Best Desk Calendar for the History Buff  There’s a short history story for each day. A great way to put each day’s events into perspective! This is something a teacher would probably enjoy sharing with his students or family.

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Thank you for visiting! I hope that I was able to help! I did a lot of brainstorming for this page, and perhaps I’ve caused you to do some brainstorming too….. And together maybe we virtually worked together in finding the best gift for your history buff.