Gifts for Investors – My Favorite Ideas!

Gifts for Investors, Day Traders, Stock Market Nerds, and those in the Finance Industry.

Here are some Wall street, Dow Jones, stock market, and bull & bear themed gifts that I like.  I’ve listed my favorites here – from jewelry to attire to collectible books, and then some. These range from under $20 gifts to expensive gifts. I hope you find my suggestions helpful!

Wall Street Business Card Holder

This is a high quality polished metal card holder featuring the outline of a bull and bear. This is a perfect desk accessory for someone who works in wall street! It doesn’t take up much room and they will sure get compliments on it.

Bull & Bear Book Ends – Beautifully Carved Bronze.

These sculptures are heavy, and would look good as decoration on their own, or as book ends. Very reasonable price.

Fighting Bull and Bear Coffee Mugs   Click on the photo to see the illustration larger. The bear has the bull’s tail, but is he winning? This set of two dishwasher safe coffee mugs would look great on his desk, at home or at work!

Bear & Bull Magnetic Pepper & Salt Shakers – Great Kitchen Accessory for the Investor!  Internal magnets hold these bear & bull sculptures together! They would look great on the dinner table. They are functional as well, holding salt and pepper! This would make a really unique gift idea!

Bull Charm for a Necklace or Charm Bracelet – Investors usually want a bull market… The price will rise and they can make a lot of money! This is a valuable piece of jewelry… With the price of gold these days, it may even go up in value. It’s definitely stock market themed, but classy too. This is the best stock market / finance related jewelry that I’ve found in my search for the perfect gift.

A Classic Investing Book – In Leather!  This is by Benjamin Graham, the  Father of Value Investing.  Warren Buffet learned from Benjamin Graham. Actually, there’s probably not one successful investor who hasn’t read Warren Buffet. Although the person you are buying for may have already read this book, they probably don’t own this collectible leather version. I’d say buy a first edition of Security Analysis instead, but those sell in the thousands, if you can even find one for sale.

Wall Street Bull Sculpture Clock – Made out of Brass & Marble.  Great decoration for the office or home. Has an antique feel to it. Very difficult to find in stores.

Subscription to Forbes Magazine –  There is enough content in Forbes magazine to entertain me on a cross-country airplane trip!  Forbes is full of business information, from personal investing information to articles about businesses.  It also has news and political articles. It has a conservative slant. The articles often get me thinking. Something new to read every month!

Wall Street Mug – Special Coffee Mugs are Fun!  Add some chocolate, a bag of specialty coffee, some tea bags, or small collectible to this mug to make one very special present! You could also include money or a gift card.

Bear & Bull Cuff Links – Great Jewelry Gift Idea!