Gifts for Jeopardy Fans – My Favorite Ideas!

Do you know someone who watches Jeopardy religiously? Being one of those people (I even tape reruns!), I thought maybe I could give you some insight into gift ideas for Jeopardy lovers. Here are some unique gifts ideas for fans of Jeopardy.. Gift ideas include official merchandise, and stuff having to do with the Host Alex Trebek and the longest winning contestant Ken Jennings. Also some of these gift ideas are things that trivia junkies would love too.

A Personal Book about Life as a Jeopardy Contestant – An Entertaining Read – Go Behind the Scenes with Bob Harris.

Alex Trebek mentioned this book a couple of times recently, during the Tournament of Champions, and it really piqued my interest. I have to say, it was a really good read, funny and serious at the same time. You learn some things about Bob’s personal life, and experience what he was thinking and feeling during the taping of the game shows. It’s really quite an adventure and a memorable read. After reading this volume, watching Jeopardy will never be quite the same…

Jeopardy T-Shirt – Great Apparel for Hardcore Fans.

This is the perfect desk calendar for the Jeopardy lover! Every day there’s a question, along with a monetary value… There’s even double jeopardy and final jeopardy “answers” you can wager money on…. Keep track of your winnings all year ’round! Great idea for a home desk or a work desk… Fun for one or for the whole office!

Trivia Book by Famous Jeopardy Winner Ken Jennings – For the Jeopardy Fan Who’s Already Read Everything Else

Ken Jennings won 74 Jeopardy shows, in a row! He is one smart fellow, and has used his love for trivia to write some interesting books.

Other Books by Ken Jennings 



Jeopardy Game Board – For 3 to 5 Players.  Great family game idea. No computer or game system required!

Jeopardy Game for Xbox – Also Available for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS  This is a multiple choice version of the TV Game Show Jeopardy.

DVD Gift Idea: Behind the Scenes of Jeopardy TV Show – Contains 5 Jeopardy Episodes  This has the very first episode of Jeopardy with Alex Trebek. It also features the last game with Ken Jennings. Also, the Ultimate Tournament of Champions! For the most part, it’s impossible to find compilations of old Jeopardy shows. So here’s a little look back in time.

More Trivia Games For Smart Folks – Any of these look interesting?

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