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Gifts for Mystery Lovers, Readers, and Fans

Know someone who enjoys a good mystery? I love mysteries! My favorite kind of TV show is a good mystery. I like reading mystery books and I love reading about true crime too. I like to get inside the mind of serial killers and sociopaths. Here are gifts that the mystery lover part of me would enjoy. If you are buying gifts for someone who is a true mystery novel or mystery tv show fan, then I’m sure a few of these will catch your interest!

Bookmark for Mystery Novel Readers – Mark the Page with a Dead Body.  If you use this bookmark in public, you will sure get many looks….

Antique Magnifying Glass Necklace – Jewelry Gift Idea for Her.  This pendant is a real working magnifying glass that could be used to solve crimes!

Murder Mystery Party Game – Put on your own mystery dinner theater.  This is a grown-up game for 6-8 players. This provides a dinner menu (with recipes, shopping list, etc), and everything you need to solve a murder mystery!

Sherlock Holmes Plush Toy – High Quality Doll for the Mystery Lover.  This would look good sitting on the bookshelf next to Sherlock Holmes novels!

My Favorite Mystery DVD Series: Wallander – Swedish Detective Stories, Produced by BBC.  This is my favorite new TV show. Each episode is almost 90 minutes long and closely resembles a movie. The filmatography is outstanding, the story always puzzling, and the acting top-notch. It’s the kind of show that I could watch twice.

Ellery Queens Mystery Magazine Subscription – Give the gift that lasts all year!  Every monthly issue features new stories by top mystery writers.

Just what they need for their coffee table!

Note Pad and Blood Filled Pen Stationary Set – How about this as a Christmas Stocking Stuffer Idea?

Crazy Murderous Bathroom Shower Curtain – Creepy Home Decor

Clue, The Office Board Game – A new version of the classic game.  When I was a teenager, clue was my favorite board game to play! I just found out today that they’ve got a new office version. It comes highly recommended by Amazon reviewers.

Mystery Lover’s Cookbook – Gift Idea for Foodies and Mystery Fans.  Do they love to cook? If so, they will enjoy this.

Serial Killer Documentary DVD (for the Mystery Writer and True Crime Fan)

This DVD features 10 programs about serial killers.  Featured killers include Jack the Ripper, Albert Fish, the Son of Sam, John Wayne Gacy and the Highway Killers, The Green River Killer, BTK, The Night Stalker, and more.

Ice Cube Tray… for Making Gun Shaped Ice Cubes – Fun Party Idea!


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