Gifts for New Teachers – My Favorite Ideas

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a new teacher?

These gift ideas are for new teachers. They may be given to celebrate those graduating from college with their teaching degree, such as a Masters in Education. They are also appropriate gifts for people who have just been hired and are starting their first teaching job. I’ve tried to pick out the best stuff for beginning teachers, including classroom supplies, jewelry, clothing accessories, and more.

Post-it Notes Dispenser – Give an Apple that’ll Last all Year

My teachers were always sticking notes to my papers…. It is a time honored tradition. What’s cooler than having an apple dispenser for such important thoughts?

Great Desk Organizer for the First Time Teacher

You’ve probably seen something like this on your teacher’s desk. It’s a great way to sort papers – you could sort them by subject matter, or graded papers versus papers that need grading, student handouts, etc.

Fun Teaching Supplies: Set of Stamps for Grading Papers – Perfect Gift for the Beginner Teacher (All grade levels)

These stamps include many motivational ones, like “Super” and “Great Work!” as well as other useful comments like “Late” and “Needs Improvement.” I know that I always liked seeing positive stamps on my school papers! This isn’t a necessity for the classroom, but it’s sure fun – which makes this the perfect gift idea.

High Quality Insulated Lunch Box – Described as “Best Lunch Bag Ever”

Teachers can save money by bringing their lunch to school. This lunch bag has rave reviews from people who use it to bring their lunch to work. Not only is this very well insulated, but it also comes with mini salt and pepper shakers, silverwear, and a cloth napkin!

Mary Engelbreit Classroom Decor and Teaching Accessories – Kids Appreciate a Cheerful and Beautiful Classroom

Classroom decor and posters are a good idea. You might want to get some relevant to their subject and grade level. If you’re not sure about what they’ll be teaching, you might find the posters and signs by Mary Engelbreit to be the right gift because they usually have generic, positive themes. There are also Mary Engelbreit designed desk accessories, like a pencil holder, clipboard, in/out desk organizing tray, etc.

Men’s Neck Ties for Teachers – Education, English, and Science Themed Ones

Here are a few interesting and unique ties for teachers to wear at school. A new teacher might not have a full wardrobe of clothes and accessories yet, so buying a few clothes items might help them get started at their new job.


Teacher Name Plate for Their Desk – Personalized Gift Idea

Great School Teacher Appreciation Gift! Not only would this look great on their desk, it’s also helpful for students in the beginning of the year, in case they forget their teacher’s name. Some first time teachers might be worried about learning kids names. For this purpose, you could buy the teacher a set of student name plates.

Teacher’s School Planner – Must-Have for Easy Organization!

This planner is ideal for middle school and high school teachers who teach up to 9 subjects or classes a day.

Jewelry Gift Idea for Her: Apple Earrings – Apples symbolize education

More Jewelry Gift Ideas – Pendants for Necklaces, Charms for Bracelets, Cuff Links, Earrings Don’t pencils, apples, chalkboards, and pencil sharpeners all make you think of teaching?

Special Coffee Mug for the New Teacher – I like the bright colors and positive message.

Inexpensive Gift Item Coffee mugs are great gifts for anyone who enjoys coffee or tea. You can always use the coffee mug as part of the presentation and put a gift card in the coffee mug. I’ve read that teachers often appreciate gift cards to office supply stores, restaurants, book stores, etc.

An Adjustable Footrest will Help them Be More Comfortable

This will fit under their desk  A foot rest helps with good posture. If they are going to be sitting at their desk for much of the day, then they’ll probably appreciate this thoughtful gift idea.

Recommended Book for New Teachers – Advice and tips for First Year Teachers