Gifts for Pianists – My Favorite Ideas!

I love picking out unique and memorable gifts. Here are my favorite ideas for pianists and people who love to play the piano. I’ve included ideas for women, men, and kids. Some of these ideas would make great Christmas gifts while others could be for birthdays or any time of the year. Ideas include t-shirts, funny gifts, jewelry, coffee mugs, and more. I’m from a family of piano players. My Grandma and Dad both play the piano. I did a little, but never really caught onto it much, although I did enjoy trying. My Grandma also had a player piano that took piano rolls… That was a lot of fun to watch and listen to!

Piano Coffee Mug with Lid!  Perfect gift idea for the coffee or tea drinker. I love the piano note handle and spiral shape of the lid!

Piano Music Box –  This music box has glowing reviews, like, “beyond our expectations!” It is advertised as being finely crafted with attention to detail, and apparently it really is. This music box plays Beethoven’s “Fur Elise.” A beautiful song, too!

Beautiful Piano Scarf – Reviewers Recommend this as a Gift for Musicians.  This has some really positive reviews. Apparently it looks even better in person! Several people bought it as a gift for a music teacher.

Piano Keys Cufflinks – Clothing Accessory Gift Idea

Comfy Musical Notes Socks for Her – Possible Christmas Stocking Stuffer Idea

Unique Piano Playing Music Box – Lots of songs – Fun for all year long!  You “tell” the pianist what to play by putting a hat on his head. Want to hear Christmas carols? Put on the Santa hat. Try the black top hat for love ballads, the ballcap for kids’ songs, and the cowboy hat for country western ones. This music box can play a total of 60 songs! I’ve never seen anything like it. One reviewer says that they gave it as a gift to a classical pianist and he was ecstatic about it!

Woman Piano Player Sculpture & Wine Holder.  This can also hold a glass beer bottle or oil bottle. Perfect decoration idea for the kitchen!

Piano Bookends – For the Piano Player who Owns Lots of Books!  These will prop up books and also the look of these antique pianos will sure complement a room nicely. Many pianists also love to read. Or, they may have shelves full of song books.

Musical Piano Tie ~ Touch Sensitive! – Funny Gag Gift Idea.  This tie is touch sensitive! You can touch the notes to play music!

Piano Keys Purse – Ladies will Love This!  This has one review from someone who says that she always receives compliments from teens who think it’s cute.

Novelty Parking Sign: Parking for Piano Players Only – Funny Gag Gift Idea Piano.  Put this up in their garage, on their driveway, or at the foot of their favorite parking spot, and watch their reaction when they see it! I’m sure they’ll be surprised and there’s a pretty good chance they’ll be laughing at the silliness of this sign!