Gifts for Political Junkies and Political Science Majors

Are you shopping for a friend or family member who loves to talk politics?  Political junkies can be hard to buy gifts for. There are plenty of ways to be politically offensive, but probably you want something funny or cute and not rude. Then there’s the problem of buying something mundane. You don’t want to get them something they already own or something that will appear silly… I hope to address this conundrum with this page of gift ideas for all political junkies. Republican, Democrat, or Independent, there’s something here to delight them. These gift ideas could be for Christmas, or for a gift for the Political Science graduate.

Funny T-Shirt about Politics   Available in many colors and sizes from Small to 3XL, this shirt is a good laugh 🙂  It says, “If you want to talk politics, there will be a two drink minimum.” I think it might be a good conversation starter. On the other hand, you might need to buy it for yourself to wear around your friend!

Go Back in Time with this Shirt.  A great choice for the Conservative who wishes we could elect another Reagan.

Unique Coffee Mug  – Watch Your Rights Vanish This heat sensitive mug is great for political junkies of all types. You pour your tea or coffee in it and your bill of rights vanish! Very thought provoking… which rights do we still have in full? Which politicians want to limit out rights? Which party? Both?

DVD Gift Idea: Homeland, Complete First Season – Political Thriller TV Series from Showtime.   This political thriller about terrorism in the U.S. features Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, and Many Patinkin. People love this show! There are over 2000 reviews, with a 4.5 star rating. This is a great way for the political junkie to escape the news for awhile… Although the storyline does have some surprising similarities to real life events. If you want something that’s pure entertainment… This may be it! I’ve bought TV shows on DVD as gifts a few times and they’ve always been a big hit. I got my parents hooked on Fringe… I bought them the first two seasons for Christmas and they went out and bought the rest of the seasons! If you know that they have a bluray player, then go for blu-ray discs for impressive sound and an even better picture.

Barack Obama Bobblehead – Collectible Action Figure.  Here’s an Obama Doll that bobbles! For the Obama Fan or the Obama Hater…. The fan will likely appreciate its close resemblence to the President. The hater will likely find it to be a humorous gag gift. One reviewer says that they used it as a cake topper – a big one, as it’s over 8″ tall!

More Presidential Bobblehead Fun!  If you click on Teddy here, you will see that there are many bobblheads for the political aficionado. You could buy one of the president they like most, or perhaps the one that looks most goofy. I personally like this one a lot – Teddy’s exaggerated face, glasses and Rough Riders uniform is a hoot.

Best Conservative Political Magazine: The Weekly Standard – Give a gift subscription!  Amazon makes giving a gift subscription really easy. They even have a gift notification card you can present. This magazine will likely interest both Republicans and Independents. The editor of the magazine, Bill Kristol, is often on Fox news. He’s one of the commentators on Bret Baier Special Report.

Political Party Game: Loaded Questions – For Those that LOVE Talking Politics!  This game is great for stirring up lively conversation!

Patriotic American Gift Basket – Snacks and Treats for any Occasion!

USA Flag & American Eagle Tie – Gift Idea for Him American Freedom flag tie.  Great idea for a college graduation present!

Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off – Is it a conspiracy? You decide.   Controversial documentary for political junkies!

Republican Party Elephant Cufflinks

Democrat Party Donkey Cufflinks

My Favorite Thought Provoking Book  Charles Krauthammer is my favorite commentator! This book has lots of great stories in it and is not like the usual political spin books.

Supreme Court Coffee Mug  Fill this mug up with some treats for them! While I usually suggest candy or gift cards, collectible coins might really interest the political buff.