Gifts For Pool Players | Billiards Gift Ideas

Here is a list of my favorite gift ideas for pool players and those who enjoy billiards. Items include decor for the pool room, eight ball themed gifts, jewelry ideas, pool accessories, funny t-shirts, and more. I truly enjoyed creating this collection of gift ideas because I have fond memories of playing pool with my Dad as a child. This brought back memories, and I might have to buy one of these gifts for him! Hmm.. His birthday is coming up, and then there’s Father’s Day after that!

Pool Balls Themed Neck Tie for Him – Great Gift Idea for Father’s Day, His Birthday, etc!  I love the colors! This will match many suits and might even strike up some conversations.

Most Unique Gift Idea: Pool Player Sculpture Wine Holder – Love Wine? Love Pool? Here’s the perfect gift!  This is a very special wine caddy. It features a person all ready to play pool. It was handcrafted in Germany out of recycled steel. This would look great in the game room or kitchen!

Pool Pendant for a Necklace – Triangle Pool Ball Rack Jewelry.  This is my favorite billiard themed jewelry. It is made out of silver and looks finely detailed. It even features the pool cues. It took me awhile to find this pendant, so I don’t think it’s very common. It would make a very pretty gift idea for a woman.

Beautiful Pool Room Wall Clock – Each number on this clock is designated with a billiard ball!  I think this Octagonal shaped wall clock is very classy looking!

Funny Gift Idea: Billiards Player Parking Only – “Violators will scratch on the break.”   This is a great gag gift idea! Put this up in their garage, on their driveway, or at their favorite parking spot… and watch their surprised reaction when they see it! I’m sure this will make for a very memorable joke gift!

Jewelry Gift Idea for Her  Wondering what to get a lady who loves playing pool? How about these 8 ball hanging earrings?

Billiards Cufflinks –  They’re an ideal gift for that someone who likes to dress fancy, or who would appreciate an unusual accessory.

Moose Shaped Pool Bridge – Pick the “antler” that works best for your shot!  One of the things I remember about playing pool from when I was a kid, is that my Dad had a wooden bridge that he had created. It was fun to use! A bridge is one of those must-haves for long reaching shots.

Highly Recommended Book on Pool Shots – Even if you’re good at pool, this book may make you better!  This is a must-read for every pool player, from novice to most advanced.

Billiard Player Sculpture

Pool Accessory Starter Kit ~ Bargain Price – Great Gift Idea for the Beginner.. or anyone who needs some extra pieces!