Gifts for Potheads, Stoners, and Medical Marijuana Smokers

So, are you looking for a cool gift idea for a weed smoker?   Of course, you could just go to your local headshop and buy them a nice piece of glass, but perhaps it’s not legal where you live, and you want to stay out of trouble.   Or, maybe they already own a gazillion bongs and pipes.  Here I come to the rescue!  Here are ideas that are 100% legal and so cool.



Everyone knows about the munchies!  So a food related gift idea might be just what you’re looking for.  This funny looking device is for making smores in the microwave.  You probably know about smores. They’re sandwiches made from graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. Traditionally, they’re done over the camp fire, but with this inventive kitchen gadget, you can make perfect ones inside.  And, when you’re high, the microwave is about the safest cooking appliance you could choose to use.  For a great gift package, give this along with the necessary ingredients!

Lighters & Smoking Accessories

One reviewer said that he bought these for his buddy who was always losing his lighter.  He wrapped each one individually in Christmas wrapping paper.  That sounds like a pretty good gag gift to me!   In my experience, BIC lighters work way better than cheap dollar store ones.  These would also be good gifts for doomsday preppers.

You can use this device to hide the smoke and smell.  You exhale into it, so that smoke doesn’t go into the air around you.

Storage Containers

This Rastafari colored stash box includes a glass jar and rolling papers.

These amber glass jars are perfect for curing pot and also for long term storage.  Light causes THC and other psychoactive molecules to breakdown, so storing your stash in a dark place will help keep its potency.


A necklace featuring the chemical structure of THC.  A cannabis jewelry idea that’s a lot more subtle compared to wearing pot leaves!  Science minded folks will probably like this.


These could be clothes for everyday wear, especially if you live in a location that’s legalized weed like Washington State, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, and hopefully many other states soon!   If not, you may want to save them for 420 celebrations.

These socks look bright!  The cannabis leaf design is a lot of fun!



Funny Ideas

How about a pillowcase that looks like a big bag of weed?  This was originally a kickstarter project.  You supply the pillow for it.

Music Related Gifts

For many tokers, music and cannabis go together.   Marijuana often enhances the perception of music.  A high quality pair of headphones or earbuds, some new CDs, or Blu-ray performances might be really enjoyed!

These are a highly rated and bestselling pair of headphones.  A good place to start when shopping for headphones as a gift.

Great music for being high.  Blu-ray sound quality is impressive!


Get them a book about growing or cooking with it!