Gifts for Psychologists

Have a psychologist friend on your shopping list this season?  Here are some goofy and some serious gift ideas for psychologists, psychology students and grads, and anyone else who just loves things having to do with the brain!

Gifts for Sigmund Freud Fans

Like this famous therapist who’s known for the ego, id, and superego concepts?  Remember photos of him and his couch?

Brain Themed Gifts

Yes, that’s a stuffed neuron!

This can also be used as a mold to make chocolate and candy.  If you are skilled in the kitchen, you could really make a brainy homemade gift!

Books for Psychologists

This came out a few years ago and it actually made national mainstream news.  This is massive, beautiful, and extraordinary.  Not your typical book, that’s for sure.  It’s bigger than most coffee table books but I wouldn’t call it a coffee table book!

There’s so much to analyze that you can buy a book about reading the red book!