Gifts for Skydivers – My Favorite Ideas!

Do you know someone who loves to skydive? Here are my favorite gift ideas for people like him/her. These gifts include funny shirts, books for the new and experienced sky diver, DVDs, accessories, jewelry, home decor, and more. Some of these presents feature symbols that are associated with sky diving, such as parachutes or airplanes. I hope the selection on this page helps you find that special gift.

Parachute Charm for a Necklace or Bracelet – Sterling Silver Jewelry – Gift Idea for Her.  This is a great way to commemorate a first sky diving experience. This fits a charm bracelet.

A Similar One, Available in 14K Gold…

Funny T-Shirt for the Skydiving Enthusiast  This says, “If at first you don’t succeed.. Skydiving isn’t for you.” This shirt has lots of color sizes and is available in small to 6XL. So both petite and big and tall parachutists will find this fitting 🙂

Skydiver Christmas Tree Ornaments – There is also a female skydiver figurine available, which you will see if you click on the image.

Retro Sky Diving Sign  “Let’s Go Skydiving and Jump out of a Perfectly Good Airplane” This is great for decorating a Bedroom, Garage, Mancave, etc Talk about adventure!

Action Camera for Recording Video of Skydiving Trips – How amazing it would be for them to share their skydive this way?  This type of camera is often used attached to a helmet for recording sports.

Unique Wall Clock for a Parachuter – Cute Gift Idea. The skydiver pendulum on this clock actually swings back and forth. It’s a whimsical designed clock that keeps good time.

A Thoughtful Gift is Best

Buying a gift related to something that they are passionate about lets them know that you have been thinking about them. It’s not a gift you would just randomly give any co-worker. No, it’s a gift that would only make sense to give them. I assume that since you are on this page, the person you are buying gifts for has an interest in skydiving. Maybe they are a student taking a course, or a first time skydiver who has been wanting to do it for a long time. Maybe they got to skydive for their birthday present and you want to commemorate that. Or maybe they are a competitive skydiver or a skydiving instructor. Did you know that it’s now possible to get a sky-dive like experience without jumping out of a plane? There are now wind tunnels like iFly that you can buy time in and learn to free-fall and fly in. It’s an indoor experience that’s supposed to be quite exhilarating.

Gift Idea: High Quality Skydiving DVD – This Documentary is Thrilling!  From the reviews, it sounds like this DVD has a bit of everything: some tips, history, physics info, information about parachutes, and exhilarating footage of skydiving.

Airplane Cufflinks – An Accessory to Wear when Thinking about Skydiving 🙂

Here’s an Autobiography that should interest any Skydiver – Joseph William Kittinger holds the record for having the highest, fastest, and longest skydive.

A Highly Recommended Book –  This one looked particularly interesting to me. It’s written by a skydiver for skydivers and others who want to achieve mastery. It’s all about the metal part of skydiving or any other sport or challenge you might participate in.

This one will make for a good read for the experienced jumper.

Recommended reading for the beginner.

Goggles for Skydiving – Eye Protection is Important.  These have many 5 star reviews. They protect against wind and they are sharp and clear.

The Gift of Skydiving Equipment

Although equipment might really be desired, it may be a hard thing to buy someone else. One idea is to buy them a gift card to a specialty skydiving equipment shop. For example, you could buy a gift card to ParaGear.

Still note sure? How about a sky diving gift certificate.