Gifts for Snowmobilers – My Favorite Ideas!

Here is a list of my favorite gift ideas for Snowmobilers.  These range from practical to cute and funny. This page features Snowmobile clothing, gear, accessories, and unique and unusual Snowmobile themed stuff. If you have a Snowmobile rider on your Christmas list this year, or perhaps an upcoming birthday to shop for, then this list should be helpful in finding an awesome gift idea.

“My thumb twitches when snow is forecasted.”

Unique Christmas Gift Idea for a Snowmobiler – This is a Pepper & Salt Shaker Set – can you believe that?  Put salt or pepper in Santa…… and put the other one in his snowmobile. This is definitely the most unusual gift idea I’ve found!

Great T-Shirt for the Snowmobiler – Got Snow? – For the Enthusiastic Snowmobiler! Got Snow Longsleeve T-Shirt Snowmobile Let it be known that you can’t wait for Winter!! This t-shirt is available in sizes Small to 3XL. If you know the right size (or can guess at it), then a t-shirt makes a great gift idea! This one you aren’t likely to find at your mall.

Extra Storage for the Snowmobile – Fits most snowmobile handlebars.  This handlebar bag is designed to store items and keep them dry – even if the snow is falling heavily. It is cushioned and water resistant. So if you’re wondering where to store some snacks or your cellphone, this might be the answer. It also has a water bottle holder.

New Snowmobile Gear – Warm & Rugged Gloves – A great accessory item!   Click on picture to view sale price. Gloves are essential for anyone spending much time out in the snow. I’ve heard recently that apparel is the most popular type of Christmas gift. I guess I’m normal then, because I always buy new clothes for myself and my family around the holidays…. Usually the much needed clothes that I’ve been needing go on sale, and so I take the opportunity to treat myself without going broke.

Hand Warmers – Stay warm for 20+ Hours! – Excellent Stocking Stuffer Idea!   These hand warmers will keep you warm even when it’s really cold. They work great in gloves, boots, pockets, etc. They can prevent frost bite and provide some relief from frigid temperatures. These hand warmers are not only for Snowmobilers and people who enjoy Winter sports. They are also a popular item to have in emergency kits and in the car for emergencies.

Exteme Snowmobiling DVD – Slednecks 17.  Video of Expert Snowmobiles and their Stunts!  This is the newest DVD in this series. Getting a brand new DVD is a great gift idea because it’s unlikely they’ll already own it.

Extra Warm Snowmobile Jacket – Available Sizes: X-Small to XXX-Large!

Shoe and Glove Dryer – Something everyone in the family can enjoy.  This dries shoes and gloves in just one hour! This has two benefits: 1) It eliminates odors caused by perspiration and bacteria 2) It dries your gear faster so you can go back out in the snow sooner! I always put my mittens and boots on the heater vent but that can take hours and the very slow process is unsatisfying plus it allows time for bacteria to build-up (which stinks, literally)! This is great for all of those snowy and wet days.

American Snowmobiler Magazine Subscription – Tech News, Best Places to Ride, Current Events & More!  This is the leading industry magazine for the Snowmobile rider.

Protect your Snowmobile with a Cover – This cover can be used indoors or outdoors.  This is ideal for keeping your Snowmobile in top notch shape!

Snowmobilia Collector’s Guide – Interesting Things from the Golden Age of the Snowmobile.   This would be a fun book to through if you like old Snowmobile stuff! Great idea for Snowmobile fans who like to buy old Snowmobile collectibles on Ebay!

Best Handbook on Snowmobiling – For Trail Riders & Mountain Riders.  This book looks like a great idea for the new Snowmobiler, or for someone who hasn’t read much on the subject. This book is pretty cheap in price, but the reviews are mostly positive.

Snowmobiler Ornament for the Christmas Tree – Bear Riding Snowmobile!