Gifts for Speech Pathologists, Teachers, & Therapists

My Mom is a speech therapist and every year around Christmas (and at the end of the school year, or as goodbye gifts) she got some gifts from her students and their parents. She really enjoyed the unique and thoughtful gifts!  Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for Speech Pathologists (sometimes called Speech Teachers or Speech Therapists) that help kids and adults with speech problems. I’ve tried to pick out unique ones that will be truely appreciated. These gift ideas are great for graduation gifts, thank-you gifts, Christmas gifts, and gifts for other holidays and events.

Speech Language Pathologist Jewelry – Buy a Graduation Pin or a Charm for a Necklace These are available in gold and silver. They feature the initials “SLP” which stands for Speech Language Pathologist (which is the official title of a speech therapist or speech teacher) along with a caduceus, which is the medical symbol.


Freud Coffee Mug about Freudian Slips –  “When you say one thing but mean your mother.” Freudian Slips are when you say one thing and mean another. This coffee mug and accompanying box have some funny slips on it. It would be a good conversation starter for a speech pathologist. Since a lot of speech therapy is about practicing talking, having things good conversation starters in the office is really helpful… And we’ve all make slips, right?

Speech Therapist Coffee Mug – This is cute and funny! Fill it up with some trinkets, candy, gift cards, or jewelry for a really fine gift idea. Sometimes speech therapists give rewards like candy for motivation… the students “work for candy” while the therapist “will work for cupcakes” 🙂

For the Night Ninja! Speech Therapist by day, ninja by night.  When her clients ask her what she does in her spare time, she can just point to this shirt 🙂 Oh, but no pointing allowed in speech therapy!

Speech Therapist Whimsical Watch – The phone makes this look a little old fashioned, but it’s cute nonetheless. It features an ear, mouth, pen, and tool (mirror? tongue depressor?).

Computer Related Gift for a Speech Pathologist – High Quality Mousepad with Gel Wrist Rest.  Speech therapists often have to write reports on their computer. A computer accessory can be a very thoughful gift. This one will likely be appreciated, and it’s fairly cheap (meaning low price… but not cheap in quality!). It’s also a gift you can give without knowing much about their computer set-up.

Frozen Smiles Ice Cube Tray – Great gift idea for a party!  I don’t know if you would call this a gag gift, but it’s sure to take some people by surprise and probably make them laugh! I wouldn’t give the tray as a gift, but rather I’d use the tray to make ice cubes and then put the ice cubes in drinks at a party. Teeth or mouth themed gifts are ideal for speech pathologists, as they have to learn mouth anatomy in college, and often work with people’s mouths! I can see this being a nice fun thing to have at a graduation or birthday party.

Fuzzy Socks…. a Warm Gift for a Lady Speech Therapist! – A gift that women usually like 🙂 Who doesn’t like fuzzy socks? This gift is especially appropriate for a speech teacher/pathologist who works with young kids. They often have to take their shoes off and play with kids on the floor. Comfy socks are always fun! Socks tend to wear out, so it’s not like they’ll ever have too many of them!

Coffee Gift Set – Great Deal! – This has free shipping!  If your speech pathologist loves coffee, this makes a great gift set! It’s not too expensive and yet it doesn’t look or taste cheap. The reviews are all positive. It contains an assortment of coffees and a travel mug! I always like to give (and receive) gifts that can be eaten! It’s always fun to try something new, and once you eat them, they’re gone! So you don’t have any clutter or unwanted items hanging around.

Pretty Note Cards are always a great gift! – Stationary sets are beautiful and useful.  Many people love receiving sets of blank notecards, because they can be used for many occasions. Amazon has a lot of designs to choose from, but this one caught my eye.


Still not sure about giving a gift, or what to give? – Here’s some interesting links.