Gifts for Violinists, Violin Students, & Violin Teachers

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying “A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?”

Certainly the violin brings happiness to many who play it, as well as all those who enjoy listening to it. It is a common instrument in so many genres – from classical music, jazz, to rock and roll. You can celebrate the joy of the violin by thinking about fiddle themed gift ideas. Some people are collectors and would love trinkets, statues, and decorations featuring the violin. On the other hand, some musicians prefer practical things, like music books, DVDs, CDs, and accessories.

Here on this page I present a little of both. Perhaps something here will appeal to you as the ideal gift for a violin student, teacher, and anyone else who has a passion for the fiddle. Whether you are looking for a birthday gift, thank you gift, or Christmas gift, I hope that I can help you find a special gift.

Violin Bookends – for the Violin Student or Teacher’s Bookshelf.  These decorative bookends are big and will hold large books like musical encyclopedias and song books.

Cute Violin Player Salt & Pepper Shakers – Here’s an unusual gift!  Don’t these just look like a lot of fun? What do you think guests will think when they see these guys on the dining room table?

Violin Music Box – Gold Plated with Swarovski Crystals.  This is so pretty!

Violin Shaped USB Flash Drive – Floppy Discs are Obsolete…. This is today’s way of storing data!  Also called a jump drive, this violin shaped flash drive plugs into your computer. It’s ideal for storing all kinds of files – music, documents, pictures, etc.

Violin Cufflinks – A Great Conversation Starter.  Here’s a unique gift idea that will look great on a violinist! Each cufflink is miniature replica of a violin.

Violin Dangling Earrings – Jewelry Gift Idea for the Violin Lover

Violin Handle Coffee Mug –  Here’s a funny coffee mug for a Violinist! I’ve given coffee mugs as gifts on several occasions, and I also have a few special ones that I like to enjoy my morning coffee with. If you know someone who loves violins and loves hot beverages like coffee or tea, they might enjoy a unique mug as a gift.

Funny Gift Idea: Violinist Parking Only – Novelty Parking Sign – Great Gag Gift!  Put this up in their driveway, garage, or in their favorite parking spot and watch their reaction when they see it! I’m sure they’ll start smiling or laughing, and this will make for one memorable day! This would make a great birthday or graduation gift!

Violin & Bow Mirror Wall Clock – Great Decoration Idea for the Home, Classroom, or Office.  This is about 12″ x 6″ inches.

Christmas Gift Idea: Violin Ornament – Can you imagine the Christmas lights reflecting off of this ornament?  When I see something so perfect like this, sometimes I buy early for Christmas….. Buy now and have it ready for the holiday.

Violin Themed Men’s Neck Tie – Gift Idea for Him

Fabulous Classical Music DVD – Something violin players will enjoy.  Violin professors will want to share this with their students… And all violinists will surely enjoy this DVD. This has rave reviews!

Violin Player Hoodie – Available in blue, gray, white, and red. Choose from sizes Small to 3XL. A warm sweatshirt, perfect for the cold winter months!