Gifts for Watch Enthusiasts and Watch Collectors

Do you know someone who loves watches? Here are my favorite gift ideas for watch enthusiasts, watch collectors, and anyone who loves timepieces. These gifts may also be suitable for horologists and clock hobbyists. Whether you are looking for a Christmas or birthday gift, or a present for some other occasion, I hope this page helps you find the perfect gift. Ideas include funny/gag gifts, magazines, books, t-shirts, and watch display cases and tools.

They probably own a lot of watches… – but do they own any cufflinks that are watches? These cuff links are real functional watches.

Here’s another pair of cufflinks for Watch enthusiasts.  These cufflinks have working watch gears.

Display Case for 20 Watches – Clear Top….. Includes Lock & Key.  This is the perfect gift for someone starting or expanding their watch collection. It will fit large watches, such as Tag Heuer, Rolex, Seiko, Citizen, Fossil, Guess, Breitling, Panerai, Technomarine and many more.

Elegant Watch Winder – Bestselling Accessory Idea for the Automatic Watch Owner.  Keep you watch ready to wear! A great way to store your automatic watches when you’re not wearing them.

Tool for Opening up Watches – A Must Have Tool for Changing Batteries.  A watch collector can save money with this watch wrench! It’s a great tool for opening up watches to replace batteries.

Load them up on Magazines about Watches – A Gift that Lasts All Year.  Fun magazine about luxury watches… Great way to stay up to date on current trends and news.

Great Men’s Neck Tie – Based on Salvador Dalí’s “Persistence of Memory”  Why not wear that warped clock?

Highly Recommended Book about Rolex Watches – Massive Historical Reference

Funny Gift Idea…. A Unique Wall Clock – Gag Gift – A Functional, Backwards Clock!!  This should make them laugh! It would make for a good conversation piece as well.

A Real Functional Sundial – Made out of brass, can be left outside for years.   My Grandpa had a sundial on the lawn next to the pond. It was fun to look at and marvel about how you can tell time by looking at a shadow. This is definitely something from yesteryear, and a gift that will last many years. For people who love keeping track of time, they will probably like this if they have a yard or patio they can display it on. If they have kids, it can be a good teaching object for them.