Good High School Graduation Gifts for 2015 – My Favorite Ideas

High School Graduation is a big milestone to celebrate! Here are my favorite gifts for him and for her. Whether your graduate is a boy or a girl, going off to college, or staying home, you’ll find a good gift for them. From cheap to pricey, funny to cool, I’ve got present ideas that will make great gifts for that special someone in your life – whether it’s for your child or grandchild, or for a girlfriend or boyfriend, you’ll find some top choices. These include 2015 jewelry, gift basket, gadgets, shirts, etc.

Special Gift Idea for Her – Beautiful 2015 Gold Charm!  This gift will likely be treasured for many years. It will look great on a necklace or bracelet. It’s unique and special, and so elegant and pretty. There are many 2015 jewelry pieces, from rings to charms, but this is my favorite.

Cool High School Graduation Gift for Him and Her – Girls and Guys with love this gadget!  You’ve probably heard “My phone’s about to die,” but now that won’t be a problem! This cool gadget allows you to power any USB enabled cell phone with the sun! It also can be charged by USB and will store battery power, ready to be used when needed. It’s like having an extra battery – except that it isn’t phone specific! Many teens love their cell phones but buying a cell phone related gift is often tricky. You have to know what model phone they have and what accessories they already own. I’ll bet this is one accessory that they don’t own, and it will continue to work even if they change cell phones. It’s both fun and serious. It’ll stop them from being stranded and also give them more time on their phone for all those fun activities!

Another Good Idea – A USB Flash Drive for a Keychain – Great Gift Idea for Students.  Back when I was in college we used floppy discs… Now it’s unlikely that the college computers even floppy discs. Now days, students use USB drives like this one to store their work. This one is not much bigger than a key and will easily fit on a key chain.

Gift Ideas under $20 – From the Funny to the Cute to the Inspirational….  This is a desk toy that holds tape and paper clips!

Funny gift idea…. The screaming monkey! Fling it and watch it fly and scream!

This musical brain cell plays Pomp and Circumstance.

Graduation Antenna Ball

Encouraging Doctor Seuss Book!

This way, if they need a screwdriver or a hammer, they have it. This also comes in pink, for the ladies 🙂

Usually dorm room cooking is limited to the microwave. With a set of microwavable pots like this, they can cook vegetables, complete meals, and more!

They’ll need towels to use at college!

Funny High School Graduation T-Shirt – “I Graduated! Can I Go Back to Bed Now?”  Great shirt for just about anyone graduating from high school. Sizes Small to XX-Large.

A Really Big Gift, but not too pricey… and very thoughtful! – Comes in several different colors, click the picture to see!  I got a bedrest pillow like this one as a graduation gift…. It was wrapped in a huge box and was the most mysterious present I received… I had no idea what was in it… When I opened up the box, and found this, I thought it was cool! I ended up using it a lot on my dorm bed, sitting up late at night and studying…

Coffee Maker with To-Go Cup – Easy way to have coffee in the morning… ideal gift for coffee drinkers!  Students often wake up with barely enough time to get dressed. They don’t usually have time to sit around and sip coffee before going to class. This coffee maker brews coffee into a travel mug in no time.

Great Gift Idea – Book about College & Dorm Life – Books are always a fun gift – and this one looks interesting!  Covers many topics, including: dating, money, college classes, sharing a room, friendships, partying, etc. Read the reviews and find similar books here.

High School Graduation Gift Basket – Full of Yummy Treats and Neat Stuff.  This one has cookies, snacks, candy, a teddy bear, and a graduation mug! It looks like a good gift basket!

Universal Stand for their Tablet or eReader – For using their tablet while in bed, on the couch, etc   Black Great accessory item for the student who owns an iPad, Kindle, Nook, or other tablet / ereader.

Good Graduation Gift – A Duffle Bag with Wheels!  This one also comes in blue and red. Amazon also has many other styles and brands to choose from…. I rolled a duffle bag like this one all the way across town once. The wheels make a huge difference!

Gift Cards are always a good choice! – Cash is great, but gift cards are so much fun to use!  They can buy almost anything on Amazon – from snacks to textbooks to gadgets. Let them pick out their own gifts!

Important Laptop Accessory – A Laptop Desk

A Necessity: A Laptop Lock – Dorm Laptop Theft is a Common Problem

Good Luck Gift – Great Jewelry Graduation Gift for Her