Graduation Gift Ideas for Law Students

Here are some my favorite gift ideas for law school graduates. These gifts are for new lawyers and they range from the practical to the funny, from cheap to expensive. Ideas include legal themed gifts, gifts for a new office, and jewelry gifts. Some of these items are quite luxurious while others are perfect if you’re on a budget. I’ve tried to include a variety, so that there’s something for everyone.

Heavy Marble Bookends – Great Gift Idea for the Home or Office.  These marble bookends have brass Scales of Justice emblems. They will hold heavy law books. They’d look great on a bookshelf or other furniture. A must-have piece of decor for the law office.

Luxurious Business Card Holder – A Beautiful Accent to their Desk!  Waterford Crystal is so elegant!

Unique Funny Legal Paperweight – Perfect Gag Gift for a Lawyer or Law Student If you’re looking for something that they probably don’t already have, I’d try this.

 You can spin this paperweight to select the right decision! This looks like a fun thing to joke around with colleagues.

This Desk Clock Symbolizes “Towering Success!” – Scales of Justice emblem and a Precise Quartz Clock.  A very nice graduation memento and a classy clock for their law office. It is 7 inches tall, so it’s just the right size for a desk or bookshelf.

Every Lawyer Needs a Nice Pen – When its time to sign the contract, the pen is coming out. And it should make a statement.  Lawyers recommend Montblanc pens as some of the best pens. A pen is important. It’s what a lawyer takes out at the end of a long negotiation. It shouldn’t be cheap. It should be classy. This pen would make an exceptional gift.

Nice Cufflinks for the Law School Graduate – Nice Wardrobe Accent, Affordable and Professional Looking

Great Gift for Wine Lovers! – Unique Sculpture that is also a wine holder!   I love this lawyer themed gift! Perfect present for a recent law school graduate. Are you buying for your daughter, wife, girlfriend, or female friend or relative? Then check out the female version of this sculpture/wine holder!

Classy Legal Tie Clip – with the Scales of Justice – The Details are Important.  Great gift idea for him. This will add to an attractive suit. As a young lawyer, it’s important to dress well because it will help clients to have confidence in them.

Motorized Tie Rack with Light – Important Organizing Tool for the New Lawyer.

How about a useful gift idea for the new law school graduate? As a lawyer, they’ll quickly get a large selection of ties… And finding one in a poorly lit closet can be a time-consuming problem. This tie organizer comes to their rescue…. It lights up and moves the ties towards you so that you can find the perfect one quickly. It’ll make their morning go so much smoother! Sure, there are cheaper tie racks… But they have some bad reviews. This one costs more, but it has all positive reviews, and it looks like it should hold up for a long time.

Buy them a Brand New Briefcase for the beginning of their Career! – This briefcase will hold a laptop and more! Designed for a lawyer.  Professional looking leather briefcase. Laptop bags are ok in college, but in the law office or the courtroom, they’ll need a briefcase.

The Best Office Chair – A gift they will be very thankful for! – Their backs will feel better with this chair!  Herman Miller has been designing chairs for decades, and if I had to choose the best office chair, it would be this one. I should have bought a chair like this one. But instead I was cheap and bought a lower priced computer chair, but after a year or two, the chair became painful, and now I’ve gone through several chair cushions, and will probably end up replacing this chair I’m sitting in right now. Start off on the right foot with a chair like this one…. It’s a gift that will be very special, and nothing better than presenting it as a graduation gift!

Help them Prepare for the Bar Exam – A Practical Gift for Law School Graduates.   Even if they are taking a bar prep class, they can still benefit from this book. Help them pass the bar the first time!

Under $20 Graduation Gift – This book looks great in the home or office – and it’s funny! One reviewer says that every lawyer should have this book. It’s small and funny. A good unusual gift for a new lawyer.

Funny Lawyer T-Shirt – Take the Pressure Off! Have a laugh!  Just one of many funny legal or lawyer themed t-shirts!

An Expensive Watch Can Say A Lot – Lawyers have to convey the message: “Trust Me, I’m Important.”  This watch’s retail price is normally over $700! Amazon has some great deals on Invicta watches.

Artwork for the Office – Framed U.S. Constitution Looks Great on the Wall!  Genuine Parchment. Framed and Matted. Free Shipping This one is large enough to read! The constitution is just one of the documents that would look good in a law office. The Bill of Rights would also be a nice gift. If you know what specialty they will be practicing in, there may be a document that would be more geared toward their practice.


Other Gift Ideas 

A Well Deserved Vacation!

Exotic Rental Car

Cash (or a Student Loan Payment)

Clients – Start referring some people

Gift Card

Movie Tickets

Spa or Massage


Hope this helps!