Graduation Gift Ideas for Masters Degree

Know someone who is graduating with a Masters degree in 2015?  Obtaining a Masters graduate degree is a big accomplishment! Here are my favorite gift ideas for recent Masters graduates.  This page features general gift ideas for those graduating with a Masters Degree this year.

This is a funny coffee mug!   You can also get the same design on a t-shirt:

“Trust Me, I have a Master’s Degree” T-Shirt.  Why, yes, people with master degrees should be trusted, right? This looks like the start of a debate, or at least a shirt that will get a few good laughs on a daily basis! 🙂

Business Card Holder / Sculpture – Ideal for anyone who works with clients at a desk! This business card holder will attract attention, for sure!

This business card holder will catch their attention! Great for anyone who loves cats… and who doesn’t like them?

Get more clients with word of mouth…. have this dude hand out the business cards for you! This is sure a unique graduation gift idea!

If they will be “on the go,” buy them this one instead…..  This is meant to be carried in a pocket, purse, or bag. It will keep the business cards from bending or becoming damaged. If their job involves visiting clients at their homes or other places, then this would make a more suitable business card holder.

Every Graduate needs a Decision Maker! – A Desk Toy makes a Fun Gift Idea! I guess you could call this a gag gift of sorts 🙂

This pendulum will help them decide what to do!

Funny Gift Idea – Desk Toy/Organizer – This toilet sitting guy holds tape, pens, and paper clips!  This costs under $20. If the price listed here is higher, it’s likely an error. If they’re going to have their own desk at work, then this gift will be a nice accessory for them. I’m sure it’ll be a conversation starter, and since it’s functional – actually holding tape, pens, etc – it will likely be used for many years.

2015 Graduation Cap & Year Pendant for a Necklace – Jewelry is a great gift idea for her!

More 2015 Pendants & Necklaces


Great Idea for Someone who Works in an Office – This button says “That was Easy!”  Some people find this to be quite funny…. Others use this for encouragement… This might be considered a gag gift by some. But mostly it’s a funny and positive thing to have around!

The Best Office Chair – A gift they will be very thankful for! – Their backs will feel better with this chair! Herman Miller has been designing chairs for decades, and if I had to choose the best office chair, it would be one of his chairs.

 Herman Miller has been designing chairs for decades, and if I had to choose the best office chair, it would be this one. I should have bought a chair like this one. But instead I was cheap and bought a lower priced computer chair, but after a year or two, the chair became painful, and now I’ve gone through several chair cushions, and will probably end up replacing this chair I’m sitting in right now. Start off on the right foot with a chair like this one…. It’s a gift that will be very special, and nothing better than presenting it as a graduation gift!

Desk Clock & Picture Frame – Something fancy for their desk! Everyone needs some pictures on their desk! Here’s a photo frame and desk clock combo!

Everyone needs some pictures on their desk! If this clock/picture frame combo is too expensive, you might consider buying a couple regular picture frames, or a digital picture frame. Make sure to put some pictures in them so that they are ready to be displayed!

A New Laptop Briefcase is Nice! – Laptop bags wear out, so a new one is usually appreciated! This briefcase looks professional and will help them to present the best image of themselves.