Great Gifts for Pre-Med Students (or those starting Medical School)

Pre-Med Gifts that will be Truely Appreciated

I hate giving a gift that seemed great at the store but isn’t something useful to the receiver. These gift ideas here are presents that pre-med students or those going off to medical school will actually enjoy. Find out the best gifts for birthdays, graduation, or Christmas! These ideas come from actual pre-med and medical students. On this page, you will find both gifts for undergraduate college students who are on the pre-med path and congratulation gift ideas for those who are entering medical school.

An Entertaining Book about Becoming a Surgeon – Fascinating Book.  This book is described as being, at times, funny, sad, and gruesome. It is a memoir about a surgeon’s residency. It is one of the most highly reviewed books about becoming a doctor. I’m sure it will be enjoyed by any pre-med or medical student.

Help them get through Organic Chemistry – Modeling sets are a big help! I don’t think this will be used much in medical school, but if the person you’re thinking of is still in the middle of their pre-med courses, they may appreciate this for organic chemistry class. Organic chem is said to be the hardest pre-med class, and this modelling set could be as useful as a textbook! This may also be helpful in preparing for the MCAT Medical College Admission Test.

For people who aren’t skilled in seeing things in 3D, and imagining them in their head being turned around, a modeling set like this one can be a big help! This chemistry model set is a space filling set which allows you to accurately model compounds! Check out all of the reviews.

Help Them Learn Anatomy with this Coloring Book – This will be a big help for learning medical school curriculum!  I’ve found that coloring in pictures is a great way to memorize things! This is great for all of those visual learners out there!

Elegant Medical Themed Chrome Pen – This unique pen has a Caduceus Emblem on the clip!  This is just the right medical themed gift for a student… affordable at under $20, yet classy and special. It will look good in a shirt pocket, and also it will make a great conversation piece any time.

A Gift that they will Treasure and Use for a Long Time…  This is a better idea than a stethoscope!  A neuro hammer is a gift that has been recommended by med students for those looking for a memorable and useful gift. You may have thought about buying a stethoscope, but remember a stethoscope may end up not being good enough, or not being the kind they prefer. There is a lot of individual preference as to what kind of stethoscope to use. However, a neuro hammer has the same symbolism but is much more likely to be used for many years to come.

Beautiful Caduceus Necklace – This is stunning! – Caduceus is the symbol for medical professions.  This is a great jewelry gift idea for her! This would be appropriate for both a pre-med student and medical school student.

A Really Unique Gift Idea: Stethescope Cufflinks – I love how these look! Silver plated and black enamel stethoscope cufflinks with presentation box.

More Book Gift Ideas for Pre-Med School – These may help them get accepted to Medical School Books on the Medical School application process can be really helpful! Also, prep books for the studying for the MCAT Medical School Entrance Exam are a great aid because the MCAT test covers so many subjects that it can be challenging.



Coffee Maker with a Travel Mug! – No time? Grab the coffee and go!  This is ideal for anyone living alone. Make your single serving of coffee and take off with it, wherever you need to go. This is a practical present for anyone who starts their day with coffee!

Stuffed Animals for Pre-Med Students

Everyone loves a teddy bear, but here’s something far more unique that they can show off to their fellow classmates!

An Androd Tablet Makes the Perfect Gift – This one comes with a stylus which makes note taking a breeze! I love this as a gift idea because it is what the palm pilot was 7 years ago, and then some. You can use this to watch videos, read books, surf the web, draw diagrams, and so much more.

You can use this tablet to look up medicine, find out about drug interactions, read research, make medical calculations, as an ebook reader, web browser, check email, and more. There are many applications that can be downloaded to this tablet for free. Epocrates is just one of the free apps – check out this list of top 15 medical apps.

Still not sure what to get?

Maybe some nice clothes for interviews.

Or maybe a gift card for buying books.