Hallmark Blooming Flower – Automatically Opens Up

Hallmark Blooming Flower – Perfect Gift Idea

The Hallmark Blooming Flower is a beautiful artificial flower that opens and closes to display a surprise message. This animated flower will bring delight to your loved one’s face. It doesn’t require any water and it can be viewed over and over.

There are yellow, red, pink, and purple flowers, both tulips and roses, with special messages for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary or any other special occasion.

This animated gift idea will be enjoyed by both kids and adults, the young and the elderly. I gave one to my Grandma who is in a nursing home and she was able to enjoy the beautiful petals and the sweet message. The vase looks elegant and the message choices are perfect – There’s “Love you lots” and “I Love you” and many other delightful sayings, for friends and family members. You can even glue in your own special saying if you’d like to be creative.

For that special someone who brightens your life and shows you life’s wonders. Inside the flower, it says “I love you.”

This poinsettia looks like the perfect Christmas decoration! It’d look great next to the window or on the dinner table.

This purple flower and vase combo is just right for that special day.

Hallmark Blooming Flower

Instructions & Troubleshooting

Normal Operation:

1. On the bottom of the vase, turn the switch on.

2. Press the small button on the side of vase. The flower will slowly begin to open.

3. When you are done, press the same small button to watch the flower automatically close up.

4. Turn off the switch on the bottom of the vase to preserve the batteries.


If the flower doesn’t work, the batteries might be dead. You will need to replace the 2 AAA batteries by opening the bottom compartment with a phillips screwdriver.

Hallmark Blooming Flower Commercial – Advertisement for “Love you lots” Blooming Expression Flower

In this commercial, the boy is pretending to be a magician and he’s playing tricks on his Mom. He presents her a pink Hallmark rose and then waves his wand above it, and the flower opens to display the hidden message “Love you lots.” This is a great commercial, but may lead some customers to believe that there is a motion sensor in the flower. There is not. Rather, there is a small button that you have to press to have the flower open up. In the commercial, the boy must be pushing the button but since he’s playing a trick on his Mom, we can’t see how he does it. If you buy one of these flowers for your Mom (or any other occasion) you could play the same trick on her!

Another Hallmark Video

Customize the Blooming Flower with your own personalized message! – Learn how to make your own surprise saying!

This DIY video shows you how to create your own saying (or you could even put a picture in it!) so that the message inside the flower is personalized. This is a simple arts & crafts project! Homemade gifts are appreciated because they require a lot of thought and effort. If you have an inside joke, you could put that inside the flower. Or you could cut out a picture of you and your significant other and put that inside the blooming flower. When it opens up, it will be a real surprise!

Consider buying a recordable book to go along with your blooming flower – Another gift that can be treasured forever.

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