Integrated Amplifiers with Phono Inputs (Phono Stage)

Here’s a short list of integrated amplifiers with photo input (also called a phono stage). If you’re looking for an easy way to listen to your old records, then buying one of these amplifiers and setting it up with a decent turntable and pair of speakers is about the simplest way.

If you already own an amplifier that you love, but it doesn’t have phono input, another solution is to buy a phono preamp, like the Behringer PP400, which costs just about $20. A phono pre-amp plugs into any RCA line in so you can use it with just about any integrated amp.

This stereo amplifier has positive reviews. Customers comment that it’s perfect for a 2.1 entry level audiophile sound system, that it’s a super amp and a great deal for the low price. It has inputs for phono, CD, line in (which could be used for tape), and tuner. It can connect to 2 speakers and a subwoofer.

This is ideal for someone who love vinyls and playing music off of their iPod. It has next-gen connectivitiy:

The built-in iPod dock port is equipped to use Yamaha’s optional YBA-10 Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver, giving you the flexibility to stream music from Bluetooth enabled mobile phones, portable devices and even your personal computer. The optional YDS-12 Universal iPod Dock or the wireless YID-W10 iPod Dock connects the A-S500 to all versions of Apple’s iPod, giving you the power to navigate and play music from your favorite Apple products.

Vinyl lovers really give this amp rave reviews! The sound is described as “full bodied” and the soundstage as “wide and deep.”

Product Features

Current feedback amplifier circuit, Discrete-component amplifier, Input buffer circuit for High S/N & Ch. Separation

Source Direct mode, Active Filter type Tone Control, Loudness,

MM phono input, 5 line-level inputs, 2 Record outputs

Transparent screw-type A/B speaker terminals

Detachable Power cord, System remote controller