Knife with Holes in It – As Seen on TV

Have you seen the Aero Knife on TV? I sure have, but I don’t like ordering on TV (there seems to always be an extra fee, or something else they want to sell me), so I bought it elsewhere. Now, you can too.

What is the Aero Knife? Well, it’s a good knife for some things. Just don’t believe that it will cut everything. I tried it on bagels and a large butternut squash, and it doesn’t work for those things. But, I have been using it on tomatoes and apples, and that’s where it really excels, in my opinion.

It’s a very lightweight knife. You pick it up, and you hardly have to grip it because it weighs nothing. This would probably be good for people with carpal tunnel or arthritis. When you cut through tomatoes or apples, it feels like you need very little pressure. So it’s definitely easy on the hands and wrist.

The handle is kind of cheap feeling, but adequate. Nothing special there. The special design is all in the blade. It has rectangular and triangular shaped holes through it. Actually, they’re rhombuses if you want to be mathematically correct.

Chef Ming Tsai’s claim is that the holes are supposed to make it so that food doesn’t stick to it. For the tomatoes and apples I sliced, I would agree. The slices fall right off, with ease.

The blade is micro serrated. This makes it cut through the skin of vegetables easier. Some of the negative reviews on Amazon says that it tears them up. I really didn’t have that happen to me.

The packaging this knife came in says that it can’t be sharpened. Some of the As Seen on TV commercials advertise that you get a knife sharpener with it. This is misleading at best, a scam at worse, because they’re selling a sharpener with a knife you can’t sharpen!!

So, don’t buy on TV. Buy on Amazon and save some money. If you realize that the TV commercial is a lot of hype, and that this knife is a novelty that’s good for some things, I think you’ll be happy with your purchase.

Aero Knife Video Review

Aero Knife – Official As Seen on TV Commercial

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