Large Toy Horses: Big Stuffed Animals!

Big, Bigger, and GIANT Horse Toys!

You know what I saw at the store today? A really big stuffed animal. Doesn’t every kid want a stuffed animal that takes up almost their entire bed? I know I sure did! This page is devoted to showing you the biggest horse plushes that you can buy. They range from just 18 inches in size to ones that are 2, 3, and even 5 feet!

Remember when buying a stuffed toy, they look even bigger to little kids. Depending on the child’s size, some of these horses may be as large as them! That’s pretty exciting! Your child will have fun naming them, grooming them, and playing make-believe with them. You could give your kids some of your old clothes and let them play dress-up with these horses! If she is old enough, she could even write a story about her horse and illustrate it with her own drawings or photographs. That might be a good activity to do with a big brother or big sister.

So here are JUMBO horses for sale… These make great birthday and Christmas gifts! Know a little boy or girl who loves horses? Consider one of these amazingly large stuffed animals.

Standing Horse Stuffed Animal – About 3.5 Feet Tall

Dimensions: 43″ x 35″ x 12″

This horse may be almost as big as a realistic miniature horse. It’s sure beautiful looking and enjoyed by horse lovers of all ages. The reviews are mixed… it may or may not be sturdy enough to have someone sit on it. I’m not sure why there’s such a disparity in the reviews. I haven’t been able to find any weight limit. The age recommendation is 3+ and most reviews mention it being enjoyed by kids ages 3 to 8 years old.

Large Horses – Between 2 – 3 Feet in Size – Black Horse, Brown Horse, & Spotted Horse Toys

These stuffed animals are realistic looking horses that are soft and cuddly. They are not firm and upright, but rather soft and sitting down horses. So you can’t ride these, but you can sure hug the stuffings out of them!

This is the biggest one I’ve found on Amazon recently. It’s over 3 feet tall!

┬áThis elegant toy horse is just under 2 feet. It’s a Sungleska (spotted horse) that’s so soft and cuddly. There are reviews by both kids and adults who love it.