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MBA Graduation Gifts – My Favorite Gift Ideas for Business School Graduates

A graduation gift for an MBA graduate should be something special and unique. They’ve spent many late nights studying for their business school degree, and are now on their way to a successful career. Here are some great gift ideas, from cheap to pricey, funny or serious. Think about what they’ve accomplished, what their specific interest is, and what they’ll be doing in the next few years, and that will lead you to a perfect gift idea.

A Gift that will be Treasured Forever – Best Ball Point Pen – Feels extra special to be writing with this!  Beautiful Design. Excellent writing instrument. Gold plated clip with individual serial number. Impressive pen. Read the reviews and find the perfect pen.

My Favorite Sculpture for Business School Graduates – It’s also a business card holder!   This is the most unique gift! It was actually pretty hard to find on Amazon, so if you buy this as a gift, you can be pretty sure that no one else will have given the same gift! Plus she or he will probably be the only one at work with a business card holder like this!

Warning: Dangerously Overeducated.  I think this is pretty funny and a great way to tease a friend or family member who just received their MBA degree.

Leather Padfolio – Practical and Classy Looking.  This looks professional and is designed so that you can carry important papers, a pen, credit cards, change, etc, inside of it. Whether your MBA graduate already has a job lined up, or will be interviewing, this will be the perfect addition to his repertoire.

Luxurious Business Card Holder – A Beautiful Accent to their Desk!  Not only will they be impressed with this gift, but also it will be admired by clients! It sure will attract people’s attention and remind them to take a business card.

Great Book Idea for the Business School Graduate

This book really caught my eye. Might as well dream big!  A book with practical tips that will provide a lot of inspiration as well.

High Quality Professional Briefcase – A Practical Gift Idea Samsonite is a brand name that I associate with being high quality yet affordable.

This is made out of genuine leather. The internal pockets make organizing easy. Help them start their career with a new briefcase!

Now this is a great gift idea for the office – Music makes the work day go by faster…. great for relaxing, background music, or break time!  I’m a big fan of music related gifts… Headphones, CD players, etc. This is one my favorite gift ideas for the professional. Compact but high quality.

Jiffy J-2000 Garment Steamer – A Practical Gift that’ll Last Years and Save Money A steamer removes wrinkles without causing the damage that an Iron can. In the long run, this steamer will keep clothes in high quality condition and save money on dry cleaning expenses. It’s an ideal gift for the MBA graduate, as the appearance of their clothes is very important in the business world. This will help them look their best every day!

This one has over 500 5-star reviews. It’s one of the best steamers available for every day home use.

Great Gift for Wine Lovers! – Unique Sculpture that is also a wine holder!  I love this executive themed gift! Perfect present for a recent MBA graduate. Are you buying for your daughter, wife, girlfriend, or female friend or relative? Then check out the female version of this sculpture/wine holder!

The Best Office Chair – A gift they will be very thankful for! – Their backs will feel better with this chair!  Herman Miller has been designing chairs for decades, and if I had to choose the best office chair, it would be this one. I should have bought a chair like this one. But instead I was cheap and bought a lower priced computer chair, but after a year or two, the chair became painful, and now I’ve gone through several chair cushions, and will probably end up replacing this chair I’m sitting in right now. Start off on the right foot with a chair like this one…. It’s a gift that will be very special, and nothing better than presenting it as a graduation gift!

Special Desk Clock with Photo Frame – Good Desk Gift Idea.  Put a picture of their graduation day in the photo frame to remind them of their accomplishments, or put a picture of their family so that they will have a nice picture to look at while at work. Everyone likes family pictures on their desk!

Wearing a Watch like this Makes a Statement – This watch often goes on sale for about $200-$300 lower than the retail price!  Click on the picture to browse other Invicta watches. There are many great ones to choose from!

Locking Briefcase – Great Idea for anyone carrying important papers

A Larger or Extra Monitor Can Make a Big Difference – A monitor is like a window… larger and clearer is so nice! I own a monitor like this one, and I’ve thought about getting another one. There are also monitor stands that hold two monitors. Great for increasing productivity!

Practical Gift – Hard Drive for Easy Back-up & Portability – A Very Useful Gift Idea! If you have Windows 7, you already have software that will automatically back up to an external hard drive like this one. It’s an easy way to protect your data, and this hard drive is sleek!

Motorized Tie Rack with Light – Important Organizing Tool for the Business Man How about a useful gift idea for the new graduate? How many times have you tried to find that tie in your dark closet? This tie organizer lights up and moves the ties towards you so that you can find the perfect one quickly. It’ll make the morning go so much smoother!

How about a useful gift idea for the new graduate? How many times have you tried to find that tie in your dark closet?  Sure, there are cheaper tie racks… But they have some bad reviews. This one costs more, but it has all positive reviews, and it looks like it should hold up for a long time.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope this page was helpful. There’s so much to look at online, that sometimes I feel shopping can be a bit overwhelming. I tried to make it a bit easier by picking out some of the best products here.

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