My All-Time Favorite Gift Ideas

As you may have guessed, I’ve looked at a lot of gift ideas while making this website.  I’ve visited thousands of Amazon product pages and read hundreds of reviews.  I’ve found birthday gifts and Christmas gifts months early, and, every once in awhile, I’ve bought something for myself, because I just couldn’t resist.  I guess that’s one of the dangers of “window shopping!”

We’ll start off with an apparel gift.  Sometimes I stay way from apparel because I’m not good at figuring out sizes, and I’m also not too trendy of a person (I wear jeans and a hoodie most days), but this one is shockingly unique!  It says, “CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS” and is bright yellow, just like crime scene tape.  It’s warm, snugly, and soft, and everyone will want to know where you found it.  Especially ideal for mystery fans, and might be a good gift idea for a policewoman, as well as other related occupations.

I like in Washington State, the coffee capital!  We consume more coffee per capita than any other state.  So, this is a great gift idea for many of my friends and family.  We just love our coffee!  This mug looks like one of those orange bottles that hold prescription medicine, and the label on it is hilarious.  The doctor’s name is “Dr. Harold Feelgood” and the instructions say: “Drink one mug by mouth, repeat until awake and alert.”

This may be one of the most popular cheap gag gifts on Amazon.  Currently, it’s selling for under $10 and it has over 1200 reviews!

Here’s a pen that writes at every angle, even in Zero Gravity!  I truly appropriate gift for astronauts, and fun for everyone else.   When close, it is actually much smaller than a regular pen, so it’s easy to carry around.  It will function at any human survivable temperature and under water.  You can get it in black or gold.  As of this writing, the gold one comes gift boxed, and would make for a good graduation gift, as well as a neat idea for authors and anyone that likes cool inventions.  My Grandpa would have loved this because it’s so inventive.

This is not just a peculiar desk decoration, but a cleverly designed toy turned science experiment.  You provide the water, and it will drink perpetually.  Click on the above image to see a view of it in action,  as well as read the 500+ reviews.

This is a great gift idea for airplane enthusiasts, as well as anyone in need of a well-designed letter opener that also spins!

I bought this bird feeder over a year ago, and it still functions like new, despite all day long visits from birds big and small.   This is the best $20 I’ve spent for entertainment in my whole life.  Alright, there is some continuing investment in bird seed, but every day we get so much enjoyment from this.   I would recommend it as a gift for anyone young to old (kids would love it!), but just make sure that they have a window that they could put this on.  The window should be accessible as you’ll have to refill it when it empties.

Koss has been making these headphones since 1984!   The sound quality is leaps beyond many other headphones in the price range, plus they are lightweight and fold-up.  Amazon has now accumulated over 2000 reviews on these headphones.  I personally use them while walking, or while relaxing before bed.   Not only do they sound great, they are comfortable and lightweight.   A great gift idea for anyone who enjoys music or listing to movies, podcasts, the radio, etc.