My Favorite Gifts for Surgeons

Gifts for Surgeons of All Types

Whether you are buying a graduation gift for a new surgeon who has just finished their residency program, or a gift for a seasoned surgeon… whether it’s a “Thank you” gift, a birthday gift, or a Christmas gift, I’m sure you will find something appropriate here. I love to buy online and these are some of the great gifts I found in my search. I’ve found gifts for Neurosurgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Cardiac Surgeons, and other general surgeon gifts. Funny and serious, these doctor themed gifts are sure to delight! Jewelry, T-Shirts, Ties, Figurines, and Collectibles! Image Credit: Surgeon photo by Spirit-Fire on Flickr, used under creative commons license.

“I Found This Humerous” T-Shirt.  This shirt is available in many different colors and sizes. The humerus is the long bone in the upper arm, and it’s pronounced like “humorous” so this is actually a pun! I think surgeons might get a kick out of this shirt.

Medical Themed Men’s Neck Tie – Shows a Normal EKG Pattern / Normal Heartbeat.  I think this silk tie is beautiful! I love the design.

Professional & Attractive Silver Cufflinks – Perfect gift for a doctor!  This is an affordable yet high quality gift for a surgeon. It features the caduceus medical symbol.

Leather Prescription Pad Holder – High Quality Gift Idea.  This is described as “very classy” from one reviewer. It’s an ideal gift for a new graduate and something that’ll last many years.

Yellow Gold Plated Tie Clip – for that surgeon who has everything else! – Medical themed ~ A Great Gift.  A tie clip is an attractive accessory that is appropriate for a surgeon to wear. This one will match just about any tie, and it’s beautifully designed.

Stethescope Cuff Links Gift – Which do you like better – these or the above caduceus?  These are my favorite.

Funny T-Shirt Gift for a Doctor – “Don’t Listen to the Voices in Your Head, Listen to Your Doctor”  Laughter is the best medicine! This funny shirt will sure provide just the right amount of comfort!

Medical Themed Paperweight Gift for Surgeons – Everyone has a stack of papers that need a weight!  Great for the home or office desk.

Funny Gift Ideas – Prescription Coffee and Beer, Oh My!  Great gag gift for a doctor! It says, “Take one can by mouth, repeat until intoxicated.”

If Coffee is their Drug of Choice…  This mug looks like it has a real prescription label on it! Every part of it is perfectly thought out.. Like the prescribers’ name is “Dr. Harold Feelgood”

Books for Surgeons – Inspiring Tales & Advice

A good book is a great gift!



Having a Party, or want to play a trick on them? – You can make an Anatomically Correct GRAY Brain with this one!  Click on the image to see more pictures and to read reviews! People have a blast with this one! You can make a brain out of jello that has the perfect look and consistency. I bet they’ve never eaten brains before! Excellent party or gift idea for a neurosurgeon.

The Game of Operation – Not just for kids! – Great game to play at a party, or great gag gift!  Do you remember this game? I sure do! It was so much fun to show off my dexterity and if I messed up, it made a buzzer sound! A far cry from a real operation, but yet so much fun!

More Gift Ideas for Surgeons