My Favorite Graduation Gifts for PhD

Unique and Interesting Doctoral Graduation Gifts….

These say Congrats on the PhD!! After many years of school, and the lengthy process of writing and defending a dissertation, they’ve finally received their PhD! That’s an accomplishment to celebrate! Here are an interesting mix of serious, funny, unique, and thoughtful gifts for the new PhD in your life. It actually took me awhile to come up with these ideas. You want something that will be really appreciated for its thoughtfulness, or really remembered for its silliness. I think I’ve found a few that might be just right.

Every Day Luxury with a Gold Plated Pen – A Gift that will be Treasured.  In some lines of business, you just have to have a high quality pen. Even if you don’t have to have one, it sure means something special to receive one! This one writes nicely and won’t bleed either!

This is a funny mug! Great idea for the free thinking PhD graduate! Watch out, he’s had so much schooling to make him quite formidable!

T-Shirt Warning for the PhD Graduate.  There’s much that can be said about getting a quality education… Somehow, this seems like an appropriate warning 🙂 Sure to cause some laughter!

Personalized Business Card Holder with Engraving – This will easily match any desk!  You choose the font and the 2 lines to be engraved!


Book of Comics about Graduate School Life – Great for Reminiscing… and being happy that it’s over with!

Bookends to Enhance their Bookshelf – Every PhD has lots of books… That’s for sure!  You could go with this simple A to Z theme, or choose something that might match their interests. Below are a few more that I liked.

Bookends with a Theme – Cat lover? Business person? History Major?

Ideal for those in finance!

Meow! Cats Hold up Books.  I love these bookends! I guess I’m just all for anything with cats, but I think these solid iron book ends show cats in such a cute position.

Simple Wooden Calendar… Makes Great Desk Accessory! – Perfect for any PhD graduate.  My mother-in-law has one like this. I always enjoy changing the date. It would look great on an office desk. It doesn’t take up very much room, and it would match just about any theme. The reviewers say that this one is durable and high quality. It looks more expensive than it is, which is a good quality for a gift to have!

Bed Stand for their Tablet – When it’s time to relax, use this to prop it up!   Tablet related gifts are great ideas for 21st century PhD graduates. There’s a very good chance that they own an iPad or tablet… and that they love using it for research and fun! If they don’t already have a professional case, then they might like that, but you’ll have to know the tablet’s model. If you’re not sure of the model, then this might make a great gift because it works with all tablets and e-readers!