My Favorite Pharmacy Graduation Gift Ideas

Here I’ve gathered a collection of gift ideas for the Pharmacy School graduate. Show them how proud you are that they got their PharmD degree with one of these classy or funny gifts! Some of my favorite picks are personalized graduation gifts, pharmacy and medical themed gifts, jewelry, funny shirts and mugs, pharmacist figurines, unique collectibles, and RX and pill related presents! Pharmacy College is rigorous, so graduating is a big success that calls for a party… or maybe a memorable gift or two ūüôā

“Coffee Prescription” Coffee Mug – Funny Gift Idea. ¬†This says “Drink one mug by mouth, repeat until awake and alert.” This would be a great addition to any medical setting. It’s sure to get coworkers and patients laughing!

Crystal Mortar and Pestle – The Classic. ¬†This is a bestselling gift idea for pharmacy graduates. It’s artistic and decorative.

Medicine Themed Jewelry for Pharmacists  РThe Caduceus is often used to symbolize medicine. These look elegant yet they are unobtrusive and small Рperfect for wearing in a professional environment.

Mortar & Pestle Pharmacist Cufflinks – A very classy gift idea! It’s sure to garnish compliments. It’ll be perfect for wearing to interviews or other formal occasions.

Doctor of Pharmacy – Pharm D Pendant – Ruby Pendant with Silver Necklace. ¬†PharmD stands for “Doctor of Pharmacy.” In the United States, it’s a 3-4 year graduate program.

Wine becomes Pharmacist in this Ultra Cool Wine Caddy! – Unique Wine Holder / Sculpture. ¬†Part sculpture, part practical use – this wine caddy is unlike any other! They will be amazed with this gift! I’ve never seen anything like this before, have you? Click on the picture to be taken to Amazon where there is a bigger picture. Although this is my first suggestion because of how novel it really is, it really will only work as a gift for a pharmacist who loves wine… On second thought, it does look great as decoration!

Medical Themed Men’s Silk Neck Tie – Great Tie for a Pharmacist to Wear to Work! ¬†Very professional looking Caduceus patterned tie.

Funny Book About Being a Pharmacist. ¬†Reviewers say this will make you laugh and cry. I wonder if the reviewers are exaggerating? In any case, it’s a catching title and looks to be witty.

It’s time that they got their parking spot reserved! – Funny Gift Idea. ¬†Put this sign up on their driveway, in their garage, or anywhere else they park their car. It’s a funny sign. “Violators will be slipped a roofie.”

“Listen to your pharmacist” Coffee Mug. ¬†Coffee mugs always make great gifts and this is a particularly funny one!

Perfect Decoration Idea for Pharmacists! РMedical Themed Book Ends for Their Bookshelf!  Great match for Pharmacist reference books!

Rx Prescription Pendant РJewelry Gift Idea.  This will be really eye catching!

Goebel and Hummel Pharmacist Figurine – Beautiful Collectible. ¬†You’ve probably heard of Hummel figurines. They’re very collectible porcelain figurines based on the drawings of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, O.S.F. This pharmacist figurine pictures a cute boy carrying a bottle of dripping liquid medicine and standing next to a large vitamin bottle.

Recommended Books for New Pharmacists

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