Narcotics Anonymous Collectible Book: Really Living by Daniel Carlsen

If I understand the history of Narcotics Anonymous correctly, Daniel Carlsen founded a different organization with the same name.  This book, “Really Living” by Narcotics Education Inc is likely related to that organization.  The book is divided into two sections:

  • Dr. Andrew C. Ivy Series
  • Daniel Carlsen Series

The book tells stories about the dangers of drugs, and has chapters on Marijuana, Heroin, and Morphine and Codeine.

Below are pictures of this rare book.  This exact one has sold, but you may find one available, perhaps even in better condition, at this link.

Really Living Hardcover Book by Narcotics Education Inc

This is a hardcover book with 191 pages. It’s approximately 7.25 x 5 inches.

The copyright is 1958 and the publisher is Narcotics Education Inc.

The book says that it contains basic information for scientific education for the prevention of alcoholism and drug addiction reprinted from Listen, Journal of Better Living.

Narcotics Anonymous related "Danny Carlsen Series" Really Living

Chapter on Marijuana
Chapter on “Marijuana – The Assassin Flower” by Daniel Carlsen
Sample page showing Terry Moore
Chapter entitled “Miracle of My Life” by J. E. Doc Webb. Photo of Terry Moore.

Really Living Table of Contents