Nurse Practitioner Graduation Gift Ideas

Becoming a Nurse Practitioner is a big accomplishment to celebrate!

A Nurse Practitioner (NP) requires either a Master of Nursing Degree or a Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree. Either way, it’s a long path of many years of schooling and training to reach the status of Nurse Practitioner! A Nurse Practitioner can diagnose and treat patients and even prescribe medications. The regulations vary by state, and in some states Nurse Practitioners can even run their own practice! It is certainly a profession that’s in demand these days, as people seek out the best affordable care they can find. By the way, a Nurse Practitioner is also an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN). Below are my favorite graduation gifts for recent graduates and new Nurse Practitioners. I’ve tried to find the best apparel, jewelry, funny gifts, useful gifts, helpful books, etc. I hope this page helps you find the perfect gift idea!

NP Nurse Practitioner Pin – With the Caduceus Medical Symbol.  This pin would look great on their nurse’s coat.

Unique Medical Themed Pen – Great Graduation Gift for the new NP! – This pen has a Caduceus on the clip.  At under $20, this pen is affordable, yet very elegant and classy. I think it would make a nice gift.

Elegant Leather Prescription Pad Cover – Yes, Nurse Practitioners Prescribe Medicines!  This case holds a prescription pad, 2 pens, and a few business cards. It is embossed with the caduceus symbol. It has positive reviews and I think the red leather looks stunning. I think this is the perfect gift idea for a N.P. because their ability to prescribe medications is one of the things that separates them from regular registered nurses.

Clip-On Watch – Stays out of the way, and very convenient to use! – Recommended by Nurses, for Nurses.  Although watches are a necessity for nurses, a wrist watch isn’t always the best idea. It can be in the way when washing hands and it can become dirty. A nice alternative is a lapel watch that can be clipped on to their nurse’s coat. This one also has military time, which can come in handy! Sometimes military time is used in medical settings to avoid confusions with AM/PM.

Nurse Wine Bottle Holder – Unusual Gift Idea.  This neat figurine is hand crafted out of metal. It is designed to hold one bottle of wine.

Nurse Practitioner Charm for a Bracelet or Necklace – Jewelry Gift Idea for Her.  The initials “N.P.” stand for Nurse Practitioner. Let her know how proud you are of her accomplishment with this pendant. She’ll be able to show off her degree by wearing this.

Books for the New Nurse Practitioner – Including Must-Have Reference Books



A Great Way to Offer your Encouragement!  Sometimes after years of schooling, people wonder, is it all worth it? This may remind her (or him) of how special they are, and how much of a difference they do make. This also would make a great thank you gift idea for any other nurses on your shopping list.

Samsung Galaxy 7 inch Tablet – Small enough for a lab coat pocket, big enough to use easily!  Often these days, medical personnel are leaving their pocket guides behind and instead using a tablet to look up drug information, medical procedures, etc. There are many medical apps for this Android tablet. Plus, this tablet can be used to browse the internet, read email, watch movies, read books, etc. This would make an amazing gift.

Funny Gift Idea: Nurse Practitioner Parking Only Sign – “Violators will get a rectal exam.”

There’s also a less crude version of this sign that says “Violators will be examined.”

Put this up in their garage, driveway, or favorite parking spot for a surprise gift idea! This will sure make them smile or laugh 🙂

Highly Recommended Foot Massager – Makes your feet feel great after a day of work!  Give them something that they can use whenever their feet ache from a long day at work.

Thank you, Nurse Practitioners! I’ve been blessed to have some good nurse practitioners who took the time to really help me when I wasn’t feeling well. I thought about them while putting this page together and hope that my gift suggestions will be just right. However, feel free to comment above if you have a better idea, or if there’s something I’ve missed.

I try to always put myself in others shoes when writing product recommendations. I like shopping online, but I know that sometimes there’s a lot of unknown – when will it arrive, will it be as pictured, etc? Try to order early so that if there’s a problem you can return it.  I very rarely encounter difficulties when ordering from Amazon, and the few times when I did, they were very quick to accept my return.