Optometrist Graduation Gifts – My Favorite Ideas!

Here are my favorite gift ideas for those who have just completed Optometry School. Becoming a Doctor of Optometry (D.O.) in the United States requires attending graduate college (Optometry School) for 4 years. It’s a lot of hard work, and graduation is sure something to be celebrated! I’ve found both funny and practical gift ideas for the new Optometrist.  Some of these ideas feature eyes, eyeglasses, and eye charts. There are lots of things for the new eye doctor to wear or to decorate their office with!

Why settle for a boring business card holder? This one is made out of recycled steel and it’s sure to garnish compliments!

This is just about the most unique card holder ever for those in the eye care business!  This is the perfect gift for the new eye doctor!  It’ll look great on their desk or at the receptionist’s desk.  I’m sure they’ll get positive comments and more business cards will be distributed with little effort because of the attention that this cute decoration will receive.

This neck tie features the famous Norman Rockwell illustration, “At the Optometrist” or “Eye Doctor,” originally printed in the Saturday Evening Post in 1956.

Funny Gift Idea: Cartoons Book for the Eye Doctor – Written by Scott F. Lee, O.D.  Recommended by Optometrists! After this book is well enjoyed by the eye doctor, he might want to put it in the waiting room… It’s sure to get everyone laughing!

Gift for the Eye Doctor who Enjoys Wine – Give this gift with a favorite bottle of wine!

I really like these wine caddies that H&K makes out of recycled steel and copper.  This one is the female eye doctor version, perfect for graduating women optometrists.

Funny Eye Doctor Themed Coffee Mug – Featuring Cyclops and a Vision Chart!   Who doesn’t enjoy a special coffee mug that they can use at home or in the office? I have a few coffee mugs that are dear to my heart, and I’ve given coffee mugs on several occasions. They’ve always been well received.

This is the perfect tie for an optometrist!  It features a black & white eye chart, so it will match just about any attire!

How about an eye chart tie that’s a little more wild?   I think that eyeball will grab some attention!

Eye Chart Earrings – Gift Idea for Her.  Aren’t these dazzling?

Eye Chart Cufflinks – Jewelry Gift Idea for the New Optometrist.  A fancy clothing accessory!

This novelty parking sign is a nice gag gift idea!  This could make for a great surprise gift! Put this sign up on their driveway, in their garage, or wherever they park their car… and watch their reaction! I’m sure it’ll bring a smile or laugh.

Most Interesting Book about Vision – Personal Story about Success of Vision Therapy.

This isn’t a textbook… Not a reference book exactly… But rather an inspiring story! Optometrists can make a difference with vision therapy!

Book Description: Barry, a neuroscientist at Mount Holyoke College, was born with her eyes crossed and literally couldn’t see in all three dimensions. Barry underwent several surgeries as a child, but it wasn’t until she was in college that she realized she wasn’t seeing in 3-D. The medical profession has believed that the visual center of the brain can’t rewire itself after a critical cutoff point in a child’s development, but in her 40s, with the help of optometric vision therapy, Barry showed that previously neglected neurons could be nudged back into action….

Eye Ball Necklace – This would be a fun thing for an eye doctor to wear!

Homemade Cookies are Yummy! – Make them shaped like eyeglasses!  Great idea for a party treat!  If you have kids, ask them to help in decorating.  It’ll be fun for the whole family!

Here’s another book that optometrists are likely to enjoy.  It’s by famous neuroscientist Oliver Sacks.  He’s written a series of books about odd neurological conditions.  They’re always interesting reads.  This one is specific to vision problems.  Oliver Sacks tells us stories about his patients and their puzzling difficulties.

How about something to display in their office?  This anatomical model comes with interchangeable lenses that show the various types of cataracts.  It’s a good way to explain cataracts to patients.

Here’s a goofy optometrist figurine which is collectible!

Great congratulations gift!  It says, “Proud to be a 100% qualified, eye testing, lens prescribing, frame fitting, sight providing optometrist.”


While this page was designed to provide gift ideas for the graduating Optometrist, these gifts might also work as thank-you gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, etc. Many of these gift ideas are also appropriate for Ophthalmologist and others who work in the vision field.