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Physician Assistant Graduation Gift Ideas

Here are my favorite congratulations gifts for PAs who have just finished school. I’ve tried to pick out a good selection of high quality gifts. Some are funny while others are more of the useful or beautiful type. I’ve got gift ideas for both women and men graduates, and some of these would also be good for other people in the medical field. The path to become a PA is long and hard, and I’m sure they’ll love that you’re taking the time to recognize their hard work and wish them all the best in their new career. Pictured Above: “Physician Assistant” Coffee Mug

Physician Assistant Jewelry Gifts – Necklaces, Charms, and Pins.  She’ll enjoy wearing this sterling silver PA caduceus. It comes on an adjustable necklace.


Here’s a fancy pen with a caduceus emblem on the clip. At under $25, it’s quite affordable. Sorry this photo is so stretched out! It is a much better looking pen when it’s normal sized 🙂 I’ve recommended this as a gift to many people in the medical field. It has good reviews and is sure to be a gift that they’ll treasure for years.

Stethoscope Cufflinks –  Cufflinks are great for guys or gals, and these are cute! Not functional, but it might be fun to pretend that they are! Stethoscopes are one of the main Doctor symbols… everyone knows he’s a doctor if he has a stethoscope around his neck. These are great for special occasions!

Hand crafted silk tie for him. Great gift idea for any doctor or male in the medical field. This will really get remarks like “Great Tie”

Funny Gift Ideas – I think you might say that these will be memorable! They say that laughter is the best medicine… with these, they’ll be making their medical practice more joyful and healing!

Put this up in their driveway, garage, or parking spot for a surprise! It says, “Violators will Work Alone”

This is labeled like a prescription bottle for coffee! It says “Drink one mug by mouth, repeat until awake and alert.” This is a winner… check out what others have to say – this has over 400 reviews!!

Do they love beer? Here’s a prescription mug holder for it. Great gag gift! Did you know that back during the prohibition they had prescription Whiskey? Not kidding. With a doctor’s prescription, liquor could be purchased at a pharmacy.

Pens that look like medical syringes. Great workplace humor!! Have no fear, they don’t contain needles, just ink!

Funny coffee mug!

This coffee mug is just right for a new PA. You can always put some treats in a coffee mug, maybe some special candy, chocolate, a gift card or money.

Luke is the patron saint for physicians.

Picking out the right graduation gift can be a challenge, and I hope I’ve given you a few ideas. I tried to include gifts that range from the cheap to expensive, but only pick out ones with great reviews or other reasons to think they will be high quality. I love giving gifts, and finding a unique and appropriate one is so rewarding.

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