Push Present Ideas for New Moms

Push Presents… to commemorate the birth of your child!

What is a push present? Push presents are gifts 9913457_f260given to the Mom to celebrate the birth of her child. They are most commonly given by a husband to his wife, but they can be given by anyone to a new mother.

Some people don’t like the term “push present”…. I think it doesn’t matter what you call it, but giving a gift to a new Mom to commemorate the birth of her child is a special gesture.

Of course the baby is a gift… And many Moms don’t expect anything more. But if you’d like to treat Mom with a special gift, here are some great push present gift ideas.

Family Pendant – Celebrate your family with this elegant necklace!

The pendant features two parents and a child… There are other pendants you can buy that have other family configurations.

Great gift idea for after the birth of your second child.

More Push Present Jewelry Gift Ideas

For the New Mom…. to celebrate the birth of your new baby!

This is a good “from husband” gift idea… It says “I love you to the moon and back.” Take a closer look and you’ll see it’s two pieces that rotate around each other.

Put your baby’s photo in it and it will be a treasured keepsake!

Mom and baby heart shaped pendant with diamond!

Diamond Earrings – Something very special for Mom!

I’ve been reading forums about what new Mom’s received at the birth of their baby, and jewelry is a common gift…. Especially diamonds! From what I’ve read, diamond earrings are a popular push present… Not all Mom’s like jewelry, but if the Mom you want to buy for does, this is something to consider!

Push Present: Birthstones Necklace – A new birthstone charm can be added for every family addition!

This necklace is a great way to commemorate a new baby’s birth… You can buy birthstone charms to add to it as needed!

Beautiful New Baby Figurine – Beautiful Artwork for Remembering this Special Moment!

This Willow Tree sculpture celebrates the birth of your child. It’s a beautiful figurine and a great starting point for a collection. There are many other Willow Tree figures that can be given to celebrate life events.

Push Present Idea: A Love Letter from YOU!

A gift that will be treasured…. and doesn’t cost a cent!

Would spending money on an expensive gift stress Mom out? Then don’t do it…. Instead, write her a love letter from your heart.

Of course, you don’t need to buy a book of love letters to give your own love letter..

If you want some inspiration, or would like to give a small enjoyable gift, you might like this book.

One reviewer says, “A great read, perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift; give it with your own love letter!”

This Mom and Baby Turtle Necklace is so cute! Hop on baby, we’re going for a ride.

If she loves chocolate, you can’t go wrong with this….

Scrapbook for Baby’s First Year – For Moms who like scrapbooking, crafts, and journal writing!

This is something that the creative Mom might really enjoy…. And it will be also a gift to your child, when they are old enough to read it 🙂

A Funny Gift for Your Wife

Remind her that she’s more than just a Mom…. 🙂

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    A friend needs some help with some ideas for a puch present. All I could think of was jewelry (which she doesn’t wear a lot) or a spa day for after baby comes. I am totally drawing a blank on other ideas! So, if you got a “push present” what did you