School Bus Driver Gifts – My Favorite Ideas!

Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for school bus drivers. If you are looking for a way to show your appreciation, then one of these small gifts may be just the perfect idea.

Whether it’s Christmas time or the end of the school year, I’m sure a bus driver will feel great that you remembered them. I know that I had many different bus drivers, starting in kindergarten and all of the way through high school. They were often very caring people who would go the extra mile to make sure I got to and from school safely.

Funny Travel Mug

This says, “You can’t scare me, I drive a bus!” A travel mug is a must have for the coffee loving driver and this one is sure to get some laughs.

School Bus Bookends – For the Bus Driver who Loves to Read

A great way to pick the perfect gift is to think about what your school bus driver enjoys. You can think about what they do when they’re waiting between bus runs. For example, I had one bus driver who always was reading novels before we got on the bus, so a gift like these bookends would be appropriate. Another bus driver I had liked to knit… You can also think about what radio station or music they choose to listen to. One year my bus driver listened to the Oldies station every morning. Maybe he would have enjoyed some Oldies CDs or an iTunes gift card.

School Bus Christmas Tree Ornament

This has great reviews. It’s made out of blown glass and looks hand crafted. It is fairly large and I imagine that it looks great on the tree.

School Bus Planter – Put a Spring flower in this! – Very Unique Gift Idea!

This can be presented with a fresh flower or a dried flower arrangement. It would look great in an office, on a window sill or outside on a porch. This creative gift could be for a school bus driver, or for anyone who works in the school office or transportation department.

If your bus driver wears gloves while driving, a new pair might be appreciated! – Gloves are a recommended gift idea for bus drivers.

School Bus Wind Chime – This has positive reviews!  I’ve given a wind chime as a gift several times and it has always been well received. A wind chime is a great way to decorate outside. This one is ideal for anyone who works at school, but of course is particularly suitable for the school bus driver occupation!

School Bus Themed Neck Tie – Great Gift Idea for the Man Bus Driver  Bus drivers don’t have to wear ties usually, but if they had a tie like this, they sure might!

School Bus Cuff Links – Don’t these look great?

Dangling School Bus Earrings – Cute! If she has pierced ears, she’ll probably love wearing these! These hanging earrings are shaped like a school bus and even say “school bus” on them.

“Being a School Bus Driver is Not Just a Job… It’s an Adventure!” – Funny T-Shirt.. for the driver with a positive attitude!Sometimes driving school bus really is an adventure! Kids can sometimes misbehave and cause trouble. Even when kids are being good, challenges present themselves… The weather can be quite unpredictable, and I remember being driven home in a snowstorm many times.

Funny Gift Idea: Novelty Parking Sign – “Bus Driver Parking Only… Violators will be walking to School”   Looking for a gag gift? This one’s pretty silly!


Homemade Cookies are Yummy!

Create School Bus Shaped Cookies with this Cookie Cutter.  A gift that you bake yourself, like cookies, cupcakes, or homemade bread is a gift that will be enjoyed! It shows that you spent time creating a gift especially for them.

Still not sure what you should get? – Here’s some advice from other parents.