School Principal Gifts – My Favorite Ideas!

Here are my favorite gift ideas for school principals. These would make great gift for all occasions: retirement, congratulations, remembrance / goodbye gifts, Christmas, birthday, etc. These gifts may also be appropriate for other school staff, like the headmaster, school teachers, secretaries and office staff. You will find both serious gifts and funny gifts on this page. I hope this helps you find the perfect gift! Good luck!

Funny Coffee Mug – This says “I’m a School Principal. What is YOUR Superpower?” On same days, I’m sure it feels like their job is to be the superhero! You could put some treats in this mug, like candy or coffee samplers, or maybe a gift card to local business.

Hilarious Book about the Week Before Christmas at School – Read the reviews on this book – it comes well recommended!  Reviewers advise that this makes a great gift for a school principal, school teacher, or anyone else who works at school. This book is funny!

Funny Gift Idea: School Principal Parking Sign – “Violators will be Expelled” This is a great gag gift idea!

 Put this up in their parking spot or on their driveway for a fun gag gift! This will sure make them laugh or smile!

This Button says “That was easy!” – Lots of fun for the school office!  Want to give something to bring down the stress levels? This is the perfect office accessory! I’m sure it’ll be a big hit at the principal’s office.

Apple Cufflinks – Apples are a symbol commonly associated with teaching. I tried to find out why, but instead found that apples are symbols for many things. An apple was a traditional gift in the 19th and 20th century America. I never gave me teacher an apple, although I just are a juicy Honeycrisp apple that I’m sure my teachers would have loved! If you’ve never tasted a Honey Crisp – give it a try. It tastes like fresh squeezed apple juice!

Yummy! – The Perfect Food Gift Basket for a Principal!  Food is a present that’s almost always enjoyed! This gift basket looks very nice.

Help the principal make decisions… – with this desk toy!  This is a really nice paperweight that spins. It’s a great conversation starter. Whenever you’re faced with a problem, you can turn to this to find out whether you should “Sit on it” or “Pass the Buck.”

Old Fashioned Pencil Sharpener Pendant – Unusual Jewelry Gift Idea.  This pendant is like a tiny sculpture! It has a movable handle and even pencil shavings inside!