Science Kits for Adults

I want a Science Kit for Christmas (and I’m a grown-up!)

When I was a kid, every year I would eagerly turn to the science kits section of the department store catalogs and beg my parents to get me that science kit that I wasn’t quite old enough for. When I was 7, I wanted the “age 8 ” kit. When I was 11, I wanted the “age 12 ” kit.

I got a few kits as a kid – a weather kit, an electronics kit, a robot building kit – but I never did get enough time for my science projects!

Now I’m a grown up, and I still want science kits for Christmas. Last year I got a weather station. Here are a bunch of science kits for adults. I’m sure you’ll find one for that adult scientist in your life.

Chemistry Kit for Adults – Described as “really not a toy” by one reviewer – Sounds like what I’m looking for!  Thames & Kosmos makes several different science kits for doing chemistry experiments, and of them, this is the most advanced one. It says that it’s excellent for high school chemistry students. My high school chemistry is rusty, so I’m sure this would be just fine for me, as well as for many grown-ups. It comes with a full color manual which outlines 333 experiments!

This Weather Station has more features than the one I bought a year ago – for about the same price I love my weather station. In the Winter months, I check it daily to see how cold it got overnight. During the Summer months, I’m interested in the high temperature for the day. I love to see how much rain has fallen and what the wind speed is. It is ongoing fun! Mine doesn’t connect to the computer. This one does. Super cool!

Complete wireless weather station measures windspeed, wind direction, rainfall, temperature and humidity (inside and outside), barometric pressure, dewpoint and windchill. Includes a USB port and both Windows and Mac software for looking at your data. Compact, easy to install complete weather station with impressive reliability at a very low cost. Transmits at 48 second intervals over a 300′ wireless line of sight range

Build Your Own Robotic Arm Kit – For Ages 13+, Enjoyed by Teens & Adults Described as a great first robot to build, this has great reviews from both kids and adults who enjoyed assembling it and playing with it.

Build a Robot – Not a Kit, but some of life’s best experiences don’t come in kits  Click on “Buy Now” to read all 53 reviews of this apparently amazing book. I’ve always wanted to build a robot and this book will get me there!

Build a Radio (Advanced) – Perfect Electronics Kit for the Grown-Up!

Put Together This Science Kit For the Inquisitive Biologist

This LCD Digital Microscope allows for 4x to 160x magnification. With additional digital zoom, you can even get in closer. Once you’ve set up a perfect shot, the LCD Digital Microscope’s built in 5 Mega Pixel digital camera will help you take a vibrant, high resolution photo of what you see on the screen. When a picture is just not enough, the LCD Digital Microscope allows you to record short videos of the microscopic action.

The Slide Making Kit includes a Micro Hatchery, 2 prepared slides, 10 blank slides, 12 cover glasses, 12 Statical slide covers, 12 blank labels, vial of eosin, vial of shrimp eggs, vial of sodium chloride, and a vial of methylene blue. Kit also includes tweezers, dropper, stirring rod, 3x/6x magnifier, safety goggles, 2-10mL graduated cylinders, 2 collecting vials and instructions.

Follow these Guides for Experiments to Try at Home – Forensic Science, Chemistry, & Biology

I know these aren’t really for grown-ups… – but can’t I experience it again? I remember raising butterflies in second grade, and at some point I had an ant farm. But that was long ago, before my scientific mind matured, and I want to have the experience again. I don’t care if these are for kids. I want to have fun. Maybe you know someone who wants to have fun watching butterflies, ants, and more.

 The 2-foot tall Butterfly Pavilion “pops-up” easily. Hang it from a string or set it on a table-top. The see-through mesh and zippered entry allow easy access for care and feeding. Includes habitat, mail-in coupon for 6-10 Painted Lady butterfly larvae with special food and complete instructions.

“Great conversation piece for the office”

Stocking Stuffers for the Science Enthusiast

Every scientist likes to play with super strong magnets.

This is a strange material!