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Snowboarding Gifts – Best Gift Ideas for Snowboarders

My nephew loves to go snowboarding, so this Christmas I plan to buy him something related to his favorite sport. Here’s what I found. Below are my favorite gift ideas for men and women who love to snowboard. Many of these are appropriate for kids, teens, and adults. Present ideas range from snowboarding clothes and accessories to fun non-essential stuff like coffee mugs, sculptures, books, DVDs, etc.

Snowboarder Wine Holder – Most Unique Gift Ever.  This metal sculpture is handcrafted in Germany out of recycled steel and copper. This wine caddy is shaped like a snowboarder. To add a personal touch, present it with a favorite bottle of wine.

Great Sounding Earbuds for Sports – Enjoy Music while Snowboarding.  These are designed to withstand strenuous activity. This is a great gift idea for the snowboarding who loves to listen to music.

Coolest Snowboarding Accessory Ever – Mounts onto your helmet for professional video recording.  This camera is amazing – it takes high quality video while on the go! It’s designed to be worn or mounted to equipment. Being able to record the video and the audio of your snowboarding adventures creates even more fun!

Patron Saint Christopher Medal – Snowboarding Medal for Protection.  If you worry about them, this is a good thing to give them to wear.

Snowboarder Cufflinks – Classy Clothing Accessory.  This is a great gift idea for snowboarders who have to dress up for work! Make your coworkers drool!

Get your boots dry with this! – Innovative Gadget Solves the Wet Boot Problem.  I’ve seen boot dryers, but they always take up so much room. Not these! Just put them inside your boots and your boots will dry much faster. Faster drying means less smells, and ready to be worn when you are!

“Snowboarders Parking Only” Novelty Parking Sign – Funny Gag Gift Idea.  Put this up on their driveway, in their garage, or wherever they usually park…. and watch their reaction! It’s sure to make them smile big or laugh! Talk about a memorable gift idea!

Extreme Sports DVDs about Snowboarding – Documentary and True Life Stories.  Here are several movies that get great reviews and would be interesting to watch.


Snowboarding Socks – Wearing the Right Clothes is Very Important My nephew actually mentioned that snowboarding socks would be a good gift. They are designed to wick moisture and provide comfort against the boots. Socks wear out, so extra pairs are always useful. Socks are one of the easiest types of clothes to buy as a gift since they fit a wide range of sizes.

Snowboarding Memoirs and Interesting Books – Books make great gifts! There are plenty of how-to snowboard books, but I’ll assume that the person you’re buying for already knows how. Here are some stories for inspiration!

Snowboarder and Skier Salt & Pepper Shakers – Cute!  Here’s a decorative kitchen item that would look great on the table during the winter time.

Snowboarder Christmas Tree Ornament – Personalize this by writing their name on it!

Still not sure?  Here are some more places to look:

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