Social Worker Graduation Gift Ideas

Here are my favorite gift ideas for new Social Workers, or those who are graduating with a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree in 2015. They range from books and merchandise having to do with being a therapist, to funny and off-the-wall gift ideas, and some in-between. There are many kinds of social workers, and many different jobs and career paths a social worker may choose, such as working with children, in the school, with families, specializing in substance abuse, and more.

This features famous psychologist Sigmund Freud!  A text bubble explains what a “Freudian Sip” is.  This is actually part of a whole merchandise line of funny Freud related gifts.  Here are a couple of the other ones:

This finger puppet is magnetic, so you can stick him on the fridge when you don’t need him!

Funny sticky notes that co-workers and clients will get a kick out of!

This is a stuffed toy (or plush doll, if you prefer) that’s shaped like a real brain cell (neuron) and it has a graduation cap on!  The company, “Giant Microbes” makes all kinds of plush dolls that resemble real microbes, like bacteria, viruses, etc.  This one is designed to be a graduation gift and would be ideal for anyone in the sciences.  If you’re at all puzzled about this, just click on the above picture to read the reviews and see their related products.

If the person you are buying a gift for might be doing therapy, this book is a great gift idea.

“What do I Say?” Book for Therapists – This book comes highly recommended by therapists!   While making this gift guide, I’ve looked at many different social work themed books. Of all of those, this one stands out as being the most helpful. And, most likely, it covers topics that weren’t mentioned in graduate college.

This is a funny gift idea! This t-shirt has the word “Miracle” crossed off, and it says, “No, I’ve told you a thousand times, I’m a SOCIAL worker!”

Here’s a tote bag with this very positive message:  “Encourage, Enrich, Empower, Enhance. That’s the power of Social Work.”

Encyclopedia Like Book for Social Workers.  This appears to be a very helpful book for the new social worker.

Brain Bookends – Social Workers usually have a shelf or two full of reference books! Decor of their office is always a nice idea for the new Social Worker. These look classy.

Helpful Book for Those Starting Their Career – Or for Students going to school for a Social Work Masters Degree.  There are so many different paths to take in Social Work. This book may give some good insight into career possibilities for a MSW, ACSW, or/and LSW.

Saint Louise is the Patron Saint of Social Work – This necklace features her!  You can have this personalized for free with their name and graduation date, or other message.

A Fun Gift Idea: Brain Shaped Ice Cube Tray – Having a Graduation Party? This rocks! Here are some ice cubes that show the cerebral cortex!

These brain ice cubes float on the surface of the water!

A Magazine for those interested in psychology I used to subscribe to this magazine. It has indepth articles and less fluff than other psychology magazines.

Social Worker Parking Only – Great Surprise Gift! – “Violators will not be helped.”  This novelty parking sign can be used outdoors or indoors. For a very memorable day, put this up in their garage, driveway, or parking spot, and watch their face when they see it! I’m sure it’ll make them grin big!

Funny Social Worker Themed Coffee Mug – “Don’t listen to the voices in your head – Listen to your Social Worker.”  I think this would make a great gift for any Social Worker. You can’t really go wrong with this one! If you want to make the gift extra special, you could always put something inside the mug. Maybe some money, a gift card, movie tickets, candy, coffee or tea samples, jewelry, etc.

“Therapist on Duty” – Sign for their office wall. I love the retro look of this sign! It features the stereotypical freudian coach for the client to lay down on and spill open their consciousness! I’ve been to several social workers, and never once lay prone on a coach, but if this sign were in their office, it would sure catch my eye. There is also a male version of the same sign.

Graduation Photo Frame

Thank you for visiting! I hope this page helped you find what you’re looking for. Let me know in the above guestbook if you have any suggestions. If you’re still undecided, I’d suggest on buying a specially themed coffee mug and then a gift card… Put the gift card in the mug, maybe add some candy, and wrap the whole thing up as a super special present. The gift card could be to a restaurant, spa, or store…. If I know nothing about the person, then I usually would buy something kind of generic, like maybe an Amazon gift card because they can buy almost anything there.

Next time you’re searching for gifts, please think of me! I specialize in gift guides and hope you’ll browse my articles.