Spy Toys for Kids – Gadgets & Christmas Gift Ideas

I was a Real Child Spy….. Just ask my parents!

I read Harriet the Spy. That got me wishing that I had lots of neighbors to spy on, but I only had a few distant ones. Nonetheless, I was determined to be a real spy, so I trekked through the woods and tried to find out what was going on at my neighbor’s houses. I got a notebook and kept secret records of everything. I also had a periscope and binoculars. The only thing I didn’t have was a fingerprinting kit!

Then I read Nancy Drew books. I eagerly read every one. That’s when I learned what the word “sleuth” meant! I was growing up and becoming a private eye was one of my dream jobs….

Pretending to be a spy or a detective is a favorite fun activity for kids. It’s a great way to learn about our world, exploring everything, asking questions, and keeping records.

Here are the toys your child probably dreams of getting for a Christmas gift or as a birthday present…

A periscope is great fun for all ages!

I had something like this when I was a kid… It was fun to look above fences, around the hallway corner and into rooms.

Similar to the trip wires often seen in robbery movies!

Set your own invisible perimeter with this! My sister and I would have loved this. We shared a bedroom and had a division line down the center that we tried to enforce. Fun alarm system for kids!

Fun toy for the pretend spy 🙂 Great gift ideas for imaginative boys and girls.

This may be the best detective kit for Ages 8-12.  This is great for any kid who wants to be a real detective when they grow up. There are many positive reviews by parents of kids ages 6-10.

Although there are plenty of child binoculars out there, older kids will enjoy an adult pair of binoculars. These look like the ones. One reviewer said, “These binoculars are the easiest to use of any I have ever tried.”

Write with “Invisible” Ink – Pen & UV Light Toy

Fun toy for kids who like to write secret messages! I know the idea of invisible writing really piqued my interest when I was a kid!

They didn’t have this when I was a kid!

Wild Planet Spy Gear Night Goggles let you know what’s ahead of you in the darkest spots. The twin LED beams of light let you see up to 25′ in the dark. These googles are impact resistant, lightweight and comfortable. Look ultra-cool and stealth for secret missions.

Mini Marble Notebook – to keep my secret spy records.. and a great stocking stuffer idea!